Nine prosperous standards for office workers

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Nine prosperous standards for white-collar office workers

Feng shui, a traditional culture that has been widely used in the Southern customs of Dou Yi, is it a good strategy to avoid evil? One science of natural environment knowledge, one class of adjustment and transformation of the fate of the highest Xuan, from ancient times to the present, so many people rush if Heron, today and how many people will be killed with a stick, as superstitious. The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster as time passes. They hope to quickly make their career successful, quickly get legitimate wealth, and fully enjoy a wonderful life, so the feng shui craze swept across the land of China again. Some people say: "We have no choice because of the inherent fate of people ". Good, life is doomed, but we can choose the environment and position. Good feng shui requires a professional Feng Shui teacher to determine, but if we grasp the principles of good fortune and evil, we can become a feng shui teacher for ourselves and our family in our life.

Nine Principles of office feng shui

Most people engaged in mental work are in the office every day, whether they are senior executives or office staff, whether they are group CEOs or big company managers, the orientation of the Office and indoor decoration are crucial. Because Geely's aura is helpful to human strategy, courage, wisdom, fortune, and career, it is more advantageous to exert its talents and talents, the office environment will naturally affect the correctness of decision-making, the success or failure of the business, and the rise and fall of the business. Due to the wide variety of occupations in today's society, there are different combinations of life and environment for each person, and the layout of office feng shui is naturally not the same. We have summarized some principles that should be observed in office decoration:

The first principle is not to sit back

If the desk is placed close to the door and people sit at the back of the door, this is the first basic point to be avoided for desk placement. The door is the only place for people to enter and the air port of the Office, it is also a natural place, including anger and anger. If a person is sitting at the door without relying on his seat, there will be a mixture of noise in the background. For a long time, the Office staff sitting in this room are often in a subconscious tense state. Sometimes they always feel that someone is looking at them, leading to messy thoughts, making mistakes, and failing to do everything stably, I always feel dry, and even have poor kidney function, waist pain, and a poor person at work. In this case, the wind is called "cold wind blowing back ". The solution is to adjust the position of the desk, instead of the back-to-door location. However, it is not easy for the office staff to adjust the location of the desk, because many desks are placed because of work needs, we can choose a chair with a back-to-back to sit. In this way, we can not only rely on the back, but also block the impact of noise.

The second principle is not to sit by the aisle.

A window is an air inlet of a house. It will be angry or angry, but a pedestrian aisle window will not only be filled with noise, but also the footsteps of pedestrians, and other noisy noises interfere with your work. Setting a desk under a pedestrian window means placing the desk under some shadows. If you need to study the company's secrets, you will naturally worry that there will be some idle people looking at it. Work on a desk close to the window will be difficult to work.

The solution is: the desk should be a little farther away from the window as far as possible, and the distance away from the window is that the person in the aisle cannot see the files on the desk. At the same time, curtains should also be used to often cover the window with curtains, so as to avoid the impact of People's shadows shaking back and forth outside the window on workers' thinking.
No window behind the third principle

Nowadays, many senior offices have bright floor-to-ceiling windows, which look down on the buildings and have a pleasant experience. Some people like to place their desks and windows in parallel, place their seats between their desks and floor-to-ceiling windows, and use the windows as the back of the hill. This is also wrong for the desk. There is a window after the seat, just as there is a door behind the seat is not available. The window is the entrance of light and air, and the theory is the same as that of sitting behind the door.
Solution: one is to adjust the desk position, and the other is to select a chair with a high backrest.

The fourth principle should be followed by mountains

From the perspective of feng shui, the first principle of good feng shui is "mountains and water". That is to say, there are mountains to rely on, laiwang people, there is water in front of them, and wangcai. Therefore, there must be a back-to-back seat to facilitate the work of workers. The so-called "back-to-Hill" in the office is a wall, and the seat should be as close as possible to the wall, it is best not to leave too much space between walls and seats.

Fifth Principle: reasonably choose a desk

Nowadays, the quality of desks is generally dominated by wood. However, it may be difficult for those who prefer wood to use wooden desks. We can choose a desk that is helpful to our own numerics. If there are not many quality options, we can use and remedy the color and style.

Fire color: red, purple soil color: yellow, brown, tea, Brown gold color: white, gold, silver water color: black, blue, and gray wood colors: green, blue, and green

That is to say, if you are lucky enough, you can choose a desk in red, or a dark blue desk, and so on. Also, if the body is dirty or uncomfortable, you can make up for it by color. For example, some people often socialize and drink because of their work relationship. For a long time, the liver will not be able to stand, and it will often cause a faint pain. We can choose a green wooden desk to make up the five elements of the liver. Some people do not have a good kidney. You can choose the color of water to supplement the kidney. The heart is hard to choose the fire five lines, the stomach is not good to choose the soil five lines, the lung is not good to choose the gold five lines. In our work, we not only have a comfortable desk, but also our own body.

At present, the style of the desk guides the main trend in a neat and concise rectangle. In fact, people who have knowledge of feng shui can choose a desk style that is helpful to them, one is close to the three sides or straight lines, while the side of the outermost side is semi-circular. The other is the whole desk with an arc, like a waist belt with his own.

Feng shui is the most exquisite principle such as 'mountain cylines' and 'yarn wake'. This kind of desk that embraces itself is not only beneficial to you, but also brings together some good luck, in addition, the best thing is that you can face some of the brakes, so this kind of around your desk, it is best to have no colleagues on the opposite side, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to colleagues.

The sixth principle is not to use a mirror.

Many organizations have a large mirror. Some people who love beauty also love to put a mirror on their desks. Beauty is human nature, but if the Mirror shines on you every day, over time, you will find that you are often dizzy, wrong decisions, poor sleep, and other problems that make people physically weak. The mirror is called the "God of Light" in feng shui. It is a tool to avoid jealousy. The world in the mirror is called phantom, which will make people confused and confused. Modern Buildings often use glass to cover the walls of the whole building. This is the most amazing thing. People in the home will encounter many bad things, the powerful evil spirits will lead to the disaster of blood and light. So when you are often exposed to large mirrors, don't be so bad-looking or avoid it.

The seventh principle should not have a beam roof

Some people in the office have a crossbar on their heads, and some have a low ceiling on their heads. These things are called the "crossbar ceiling" on the wind and water. That is to say, they will put pressure on their work, being criticized by the boss, hurt by the villain, cervical spine pain, and luck.
Solution: In feng shui, the function of making the gourd disease and stopping the arms is as follows. I went to the handicraft store to buy a few decorative vines with the gourd and wound them on the top. They both made the iron of the crossbar under pressure.

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