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If there is a deep memory in each of the Hearts, 43 classic Nintendo red and white machine to bring us is always moving. Childhood is obsessed with Super Mario (Mario), Tetris, Adventure Island, Salamander Snake, Green Corps simple years ... That kind of storyline, such as the picture and even each level of the surprise to us, we do not understand the user experience does not understand the interaction of childhood, but followed the Miyamoto and his Mario quickly into all the user-centric technology era.

Those fantastic interactive companies.

When it comes to the user experience, the first thing we think about, whether it's Apple or Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook ... Even companies such as Disney may be on the list, not just because they allow users to interact with each other, but more importantly by experimenting with new ways of talking through new communication tools. For example, the iphone in human-computer interaction design to bring the user is "information at the fingertips", Apple has brought us a familiar surprise, from the 80 's Macintosh computer, defines no one can go beyond the graphical user interface (GUI) To the digital music revolution triggered by the innovative ipod series music players and the itunes online music store, Nintendo is the forgotten corner. In fact, Miyamoto, a legendary designer named Mario's father, has made an indelible contribution to the field of interactive design, and today many of our accustomed product designs began with Nintendo and eventually became industry practice.

Do a game with a plot

In the early 80 's, most of the PC games stay in the pursuit of high score stage, no storyline, only colorful pictures, early games in the very low level of hardware, all the game users to fight between the high score, which is a large part of the game to limit the development, there is no cultural background, a single theme, It also leads to low viscosity of the user, easy visual fatigue, not sustainable update, while a large part of the limited in their own fields, can not expand some surrounding industries, such as comics, TV dramas, dolls, human legends can not be a good combination and development, but also limited the development of the game itself.

Do you remember this classic game in Little Overlord's learning machine: Dr. Mary (Dr.mario)

This is a video game on the FC platform, is on the basis of Tetris, add some imagination, make it into a new game, the purpose of the game is only one: throw the corresponding color of the pill to eliminate bugs. The first time to play this game is very novel, but with the depth of the barrier, the increase in bugs, single throw and the more obvious game of boredom. This also reflects the era of the game industry a common problem.

Another example is the 80 Namco of the "Pac-man" (domestic "bean-eating people").

The 80 's is an important turning point in the gaming industry, and the Nintendo game has undergone a qualitative change because of Miyamoto's accession and a very influential movie, "King Kong". Miyamoto in the movie "King Kong" in the inspiration, that the game can also be a plot, there is the game can increase the fun, improve the user's viscosity. The 1981 Nintendo famous "King Kong" (Donkey Kong) was born, Miyamoto design is a hero to save the beauty of the story, this is arcade history, one of the most successful games.

And since then, the heroic rescue of the plot, but also in a variety of forms in Nintendo after the series of various games appear frequently. Like what:

"Shadow Legend" (Legend of Kage) story at the beginning, Princess Kiri was the evil ninja kidnapping, at this time, the protagonist from a forest jumped out, to rescue the princess. This is a very movie-feeling game.

Including The Legend of Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) that will be mentioned later.

The Legend of Zelda forever

Miyamoto said, the market does not have to have the kind of need to netizens, people exhausting to worry about the game. We would like to see a new type of game with different faces and consumers to meet. We should not just think of using new technology as the chips for future development games, the real job is to develop games that will attract more people. Like Nintendo is a good example of the obsession of people aged five to 95.

Although "King Kong" for the first time in the game to add a storyline, but in the form of expression, it and those at that time to achieve high divided into the goal of the game is still not much different. The unprecedented success of King Kong has made Nintendo and Miyamoto realise that future games should have a fuller story and more compelling stories to tell. The Legend of Zelda follows the story of the heroic salvation of the game, which incorporates actions, adventures, puzzles, role-playing, and a small number of elements of platform jumping, diving, racing, etc., and incorporates three great interactive initiatives.

1. Full storyline

The "Legend of Zelda" series does not have the concept of "experience" and "escalation", in this series of games to allow users to say goodbye to the previous high score on the list for the purpose of the old, he presented to the user is a full story, which makes the user in the game to feel interesting and new interactive experience.

2. Save progress, read archive

In the previous game design, and no design save progress This function, so that users in order to brush high points, all-night immersed in the game, once interrupted, must be again. One of the great interactions in The Legend of Zelda is the ability to store game progress in the main memory of a battery, something that users have been looking forward to and craving. Remember when the game to play to be high when the mother called to go to sleep, every time will be very angry said, this dead to go to sleep, and finally play to this off. Nintendo This historic innovation, let the user in front of a bright, also let the game developers can boldly assured unlimited to design the game plot, and no longer worry about the long game users can not be finished at once. In addition, the original design of the archive is directly stored in the game card and do not bind the host, so users can easily put their own game progress to carry, no matter where the body, as long as pulling out the game cards plugged into any one host can continue to play. When I wrote this, I suddenly wanted to say thanks to Nintendo, who listened to the voice of the user and knew what they needed most, and made unlimited innovations in that direction.

3.Action role Playing Game (ARPG) Action role-playing class game

From the game development point of view, initially is the first RPG (role-playing game), ARPG is from the RPG Development branch. The Legend of Zelda created a name that allows users to customize roles, so that users can bring themselves into the game plot, if we take the three characteristics of RPG as follows: Story, artistry, interactivity, then ARPG is precisely in the interactive made great innovation. In this respect, ARPG absorbed the special features of action games, the intense fighting scenes into which, make the rhythm greatly accelerated, more easily and more directly mobilize the user's desire to participate.

In short, The Legend of Zelda is a milestone in the game world, the originator of ARPG, including the "Legend of Zelda-time Flute" released in 1998, first introduced the three-dimensional game lock on system, the perfect solution to the previous three-dimensional game perspective problem, Lock The on system is now visible in almost any three-dimensional game. Therefore, this is a great revolution in the progress of three-dimensional game. In The Legend of Zelda, countless ideas, such a game is very high games are not comparable to other games.


From the game plot to the Reading archive, and later the cross arrow keys to the body sense control, Nintendo has long played a pioneer role in the gaming industry's user experience and interactive design field. He focuses on all ages of leisure and entertainment, the user locked in the 5-99-year-old people, whether white-collar women or elderly users, are Nintendo's hope of the user community, but also because such a game user positioning to create the Wii and NDS sales miracle. Nintendo is constantly experimenting with new game interaction designs and presenting them at the lowest cost, integrating interactive approaches into the gaming experience. Finally, thanks to Nintendo for spending a memorable childhood with us.

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