No code workflow analysis based on Office 365-Data Source Creation !, 365 Workflow

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No code workflow analysis based on Office 365-Data Source Creation !, 365 Workflow

  1. Standard procedure

    The following steps take the recruitment process of jiaxiao information as a scenario. The process of the entire process is as follows:

    Throughout the process, we use Infopath to transfer corresponding forms, and then use Sharepoint Designer to send user mail notifications. Next, we will complete the establishment of the entire recruitment system based on the entire process.



    3.1 create a custom list

    Because the data source with two fields in the InfoPath form is not a fixed data source, we need to determine our interviewers and interview positions based on the data source of another list. Therefore, we are sure to create two custom lists:

    Company Personnel Information List, job opportunity recruitment list

    First, we will create a custom list of company personnel information:

    1. Create a custom list

    1. Click list settings





    1. Create the required columns as needed

    1. Complete some data. The data list is as follows:





      Next, we will create a custom list for recruitment. The creation method of the List is similar to the above. The final result is as follows:


    After the two parts are completed, the form data source has been created, and then the form is created.


Workflow System Development in November 24, how to build a net workflow system that supports multiple databases

The product-level. net workflow system must be able to support these databases, while also supporting new databases easily. Java and. net differ in database operations. java uses a set of jdbc class libraries for database read and write. However, there are many. net products. Microsoft provides oledb, sqlclent, oracleClient, odbc, and some third-party protocol classes. Therefore, in terms of multi-database support ,. net workflow system, you need to consider these methods support, it is also easy to switch .????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? C # block charts for multiple database access methods first design the class interface relationships based on the above block charts. DbProvider: an interface for database implementation. It provides methods such as opening, closing, publishing, transaction rollback, and transaction commit. OleDbProvider: implements the DbProvider interface for database connection in oledb mode; OracleDbProvider: implements the DbProvider interface for database connection in oralceClient mode. SqlDbProvider: implements the DbProvider interface for connecting to a database in SqlClient mode. DbProviderFactory: creates a specific implementation class and creates a specific database operation implementation class based on input parameters. Environment: the class for obtaining database connections .?? For specific database connection parameters, in the bin \ fcconfig. xml file, the fcconfig. xml file is as follows :?????? The first ds subnode is the default connection of the workflow system. (Note: The fcconfig. xml file. net workflow system is consistent with the java Workflow System, but the specific attribute values are different .) Type attribute = "sqlclient" is the DbProvider created using the SqlDbProvider class. Type attribute = "oracleclient" is the DbProvider created using the OracleDbProvider class. type attribute = "oledb" is the DbProvider created using the OleDbProvider class. the differences among sqlClient, OracleClient, and oleDb are shielded in external operations. A simple example is as follows :???????? Environment env = new Environment (Session );?????? DbProvider db = env. getDbProvider ();?????? Env. beginTransaction ();?????? String SQL = "";?????? SQL = "insert into wf_user (user_id, user_code, user_name, user_password, user_status )";?????? SQL + = "values ('1', 'XX', 'XX', '1', '1 ')";?????? Db. ExecuteNonQuery (SQL );???????? SQL = "select user_code, user_name from wf_user where user_id = '1 '";????...... Remaining full text>

How to Design the database required for workflow Creation

Form table
Process Table
Data Table
Permission table

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