No one is here today. I went here myself ......

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In my life, it is hard to let go. It is like watching a movie with passion such as "Color Ring" and a novel with suppression such as "Crime and Punishment". Today, I am also proud of it!

Throughout the day, I dreamed of death in the book sea. I also fell down, fell down, and Rose ......

Che Guevara said: if we are a romantic and irretrievable idealist, and all we want is impossible, then we will answer one thousand and one times, yes, we are such people ......

He also said: Let's face the reality and make us loyal to our ideals!


Odden (USA)

When I want to spread a scandal,
Or to someone else.
Return tools, borrow books,
I chose this path from here.

Then return, even if
Met the footprints when they came,
The road seems completely new.
What I plan to do is now finished.

But I avoid it when I act
A walking person takes a walk only;
Duplicates involved
Raised its own uncertain points.

What kind of angel or demon
Command I just stopped at that moment?
Let's move another kilometer forward.
What will happen again?

No, when the turmoil in the soul
Or, you can take a stroll on the Jiyu cloud,
The route I selected turns around
End at the place where it starts.

This winding footprint takes me home,
I don't have to go backwards,
You don't have to answer either.
How far is it going,

But make behavior a standard,
To meet certain moral needs,
Because when I return home
I have already loaded the compass into the box.

Fear of leaving her shell.
Just like in my private home
And any public road
Both require a distance of one hundred yards,

When it is increased
Straight line to "T", round to "Q ".
Let me be sunny and rainy
They all say that these two walks belong to us.

A country path without human travel,
The marks do not match my shoes,
It is very much like the one I love,
Besides, I am searching for me.

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