No wonder your Wi-Fi is slow, and your vro has Wi-Fi.

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No wonder your Wi-Fi is slow, and your vro has Wi-Fi.

Today's Wi-Fi has become the basic level of Maslow's demand theory, and its importance to modern people is no less than physiological needs. The most critical device for connecting to Wi-Fi is a wireless router. It is especially important to place a home router to obtain the best wireless signal!

As we know, the Wi-Fi signal strength changes with the distance from the router. There are many places where wireless routers are placed, such as the living room corner, bedroom closet, ceiling, and so on, and even hide it behind the mural for the sake of appearance. In general, a dark door is opened, and my mural is opened, a router! Okay. What is the Wi-Fi password? Of course, it is knowledge to place a vro. It is absolutely inappropriate to place a vro at will. The location of the vro indirectly affects our ability to smoothly eat chicken, shake music, and call love beans online.

The following describes how to optimize the layout of a wireless router to obtain a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

Best central location

Most routers transmit signals from the antenna to various directions. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the signal strength based on the transmission radius. If our router is close to the wall of the neighbor apartment, they will get part of our signal. As a result, we can try to place the router in the center of the home without considering the limitations of the desktop computer and the home modem. In this way, the signal strength sent by the router can spread around at the same intensity.

Radio waves are usually dispersed and oriented towards the ground. If the House structure is a villa or duplex structure, we recommend that you put the router on the second floor for test purposes.

Avoid obstacles

Wi-Fi signals are easier to transmit in a space without obstacles than in a space with wall blocks. This is because radio waves can penetrate the walls, but the thicker the walls, the weaker the signal. If the household brick or concrete wall is reinforced, the signal will be completely absorbed by the Wall and lose strength when worn out. The same is true for water. Large fish tanks in the House will also generate great resistance to wireless signals.

Cabinets and other built-in closed spaces will also interfere with the signal. The routers in the small series will be placed in the small Cabinet of the living room by their parents, which is called to avoid affecting the overall decoration appearance, however, the weak Wi-Fi signal makes people miserable.

Metal and mirrors should also be avoided, because these materials actually reflect radio waves, so try not to put the router behind the TV or in the bathroom.

Away from signal interference sources

When we fight against potential Wi-Fi buffer signals, the microwave oven is not a good companion. Microwave and wireless routers use the same 2-4 GHz electromagnetic spectrum slicing. When using a microwave oven, it will interfere with our Wi-Fi signal. In addition, metal ware can absorb signals, and metal refrigerators, cookers, and other kitchen utensils may interfere with each other. Therefore, it is best to place the routers outside the kitchen. Of course, the same frequency applies to wireless phones.

Antenna direction

The antenna is the part where the router transmits and receives signals. The antenna can usually swing or rotate left and right. The correct placement method is shown in.

It is not uncommon for an antenna to be detachable on a Wi-Fi router. In this case, you can purchase an antenna with better signal strength at the store.


Routers should avoid corners, metals, mirrors, microwave ovens, wireless phones, Wi-Fi-enabled electrical appliances, etc., and place them in the central open area of the house. Select a higher area and place the routers so that the signals can emit downward, reducing obstacle blocking can reduce blind spots of signals. You can select an antenna with good signal strength and adjust the position and direction of the antenna.

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