Nokia recommends 3G hybrid networking: it's too late for 3G networks in China

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China's third-generation mobile phone (3G) has reached a critical moment for decision-making. All major multinational giants of the tiger's eye are under intense deployment. Nokia is an activist among them, they even moved the 3G seminar to Hong Kong for the first time. The reporter interviewed Nokia (China) president he Qingyuan.
It's really late to drag 3G back.
Reporter: China has not made a 3G decision. Is it "late "?
He: China is still considering how policies should be implemented. Foreign countries consider normal operation decisions, how much is invested each year, how cash is managed, how capital comes in, and how to explain it to shareholders. The 3G trend has been determined and it will be too late if you don't do it.
Reporter: Chinese operators may lag behind in 3G applications in the future. How does Nokia help Chinese operators narrow the gap?
He: for existing carriers, we will introduce content developers in the Nokia Forum to them. For new carriers, we also have a cooperation model-hosting. Nokia will provide the entire solution.
Reporter: What do you think of China Telecom's restructuring?
He: we are our customers who cannot participate in any comments. In my opinion, 3G licenses should be based on the market. We do not recommend creating too many 3G networks. From the perspective of equipment vendors, network construction will sell many products, but to make the market develop healthily, we still need to make better use of the current three 2G networks. It's better to make a 3G decision and drag it down. It's really late.
Reporter: What is the impact of China's delayed 3G decision-making on Nokia's Chinese investment process?
He: China's "timely decision-making" is helpful to our determination to increase China's 3G investment. We believe our peers are watching what technology China uses. Nokia has started to produce 3G base stations and mobile phones in China, but they are all for export. We have also launched many 3G mobile phones, but we cannot access the Internet in China, which indirectly damages the interests of the manufacturers. We may choose to make them elsewhere.
It is best to bind 3G to the European 3G.
Reporter: Nokia mentioned 3G seems to only talk about WCDMA, does it mean to give up Chinese national 3G standard TD-SCDMA market?
He: No. We believe that TD-SCDMA market positioning should be bundled with WCDMA will be better, so that there will be space for development around the world. If the TD-SCDMA rushed out separately, I believe the development space is limited.
Reporter: In order to promote TD-SCDMA and WCDMA bundling, Nokia is doing or has done what work?
He: I mainly perform some interconnection tests in the 3G experiment in China.
Reporter: Some people think Nokia's support for TD-SCDMA is symbolic.
He: We made an investment in TD-SCDMA. The key is to see if the maturity of the technology can bring us certain market growth. 3G is market behavior. If you choose a technology to make profits, the operator will consider these issues.
Reporter: There is a point of view that if the TD-SCDMA wants to succeed in foreign countries, must first get the application in the domestic market, and to large operators. What do you think?
He: The key for carriers to adopt it is that users do not buy it. They must first find out the market position. If the market position is correct, I believe it will find its own space.

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