Nokia suggests that N900 will assemble meego1.1 next month

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The development of the open-source mobile platform meego1.1 is nearing completion. The Nokia N900 project prompted Harri hakulinen to imply that the operating system will be deployed on mobile terminals next month, this happened to catch up with the first meego developer conference in Dublin.
Hakulinen in meegoCommunityThe blog states that the fixed version of meego1.1 is in progress. It also emphasizes that this update has fixed some vulnerabilities to ensure that everything works properly. Using the UX mobile phone to experience the first version of meego is good. It is very important to build this version because it provides mobile app developers with a relatively stable environment for their work.

Hakulinen also said that after the update, users can enable dual-system startup on N900, maemo and meego, and develop applications.ProgramIt may also support two systems at the same time.

The development of meego1.2 is in progress, and hakulinen said that he and his development team will concentrate on integrating the latest Nokia technology and development ideas, including SGX drivers and video accelerator decoder.



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