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This is a phrase that "boyfriend" often says. Of course, I agree with this sentence, but what I want to say is, who can really achieve this sentence? Can we improve our weaknesses through exercises?

We often do things for a purpose, but some things, we will think that the difficulty is relatively large, so we have to pay more to familiarize ourselves with or even be skilled in achieving the purpose, however, it seems that you do not pay enough attention to your weaknesses. I have read a book (like "discover your advantages") and said, "to cover up your weaknesses, it is better to discover your own advantages, it takes a long time for us to develop our strengths as much as possible to make up for our weaknesses. However, it takes less time to discover our advantages and apply them to work and life, and the efficiency will be greatly improved ". This sentence makes sense. There are many such examples, but it also emphasizes that we cannot leave our weaknesses alone, we cannot expect that the weaknesses will be improved like the strong ones, and some weaknesses will not be covered up.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to leave our weaknesses completely at work and in our life, so we have to deal with our weaknesses. But do we have to work hard? This is the beauty of "Practice makes perfect but skillful". We cannot leave weaknesses alone, or make full use of weaknesses. Therefore, we only need to make some remedial measures, to improve the weaknesses, at least it cannot be a stumbling block, so it is still effective to strengthen the exercise.

For example, I am not good at writing. I usually spend half a day thinking about wording when sending an important email. Of course this is necessary, but I can realize that this is my weakness.ArticleIt is necessary to practice how to attract people and how to distribute their own logic. Of course, writing a blog becomes a platform for my practice. I will exchange ideas with you and post my articles, it gives me more time to improve myself in habits.

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