North wind Nets free value 200 yuan study card, thousand git video material free download

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The site has long been with the North Wind network advertising cooperation, is the North wind network see this site there are a large number of students through the site of the advertisement point to register, specially gave me 200, the value of 200 Yuan course study card, can be picked up in the north wind online purchase of any learning tutorial, North Wind Network is one of the top Linux business-grade video online education platform, they are launched the first LINUX7 enterprise-class operation and maintenance of high-end training network courses, if you have registered on their website users please contact me to 200 yuan card number and password, after the registration is set.

North Wind Net Introduction:

"North Wind Network" is a combination of educational institutions by Shanghai Yu Chuang Network Technology Co., Ltd., which provides long-distance education resources and services for the whole country, and is the perfect integration of cutting-edge IT information technology and excellent network education and teaching resources.
Through the North Wind learning card login North Wind Network, the national IT staff can enjoy the distance learning counseling. Many columns have characteristics, learning personalized strong, basic introductory courses, there are intermediate courses and high-end courses, we combined with the market demand is the introduction of job security has been written courses. This can better help the 0 basic students to achieve the perfect combination of learning and employment. The basic knowledge and innovative consciousness are flexible, which can enhance the initiative of learning, increase interest, cultivate comprehensive quality, and improve learning ability and IT skills.

Virtual Learning Card: that is authorized to the agent's card number and password, the promotion of the network users can directly give card number and password, you can credit the course fee

Use the Tutorial:
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First step: Login to the North Wind network registered
Second step: Scraping the study card coating to obtain the Learning card password
Step three: Log into the North wind net, enter the user center-prepaid Card Payment page
Fourth Step: Enter your card number and password to complete the recharge

Next I paste some of it, if it has been activated can not be used to contact me! can also directly click the link query

B0069016 9iqweu 200 Not activated

B0069015 6gsb0c 200 Not activated

B0069014 0tcr3c 200 Not activated

B0069013 Mdbjq4 200 Not activated

B0069012 Wnqez5 200 Not activated

B0069011 Tz61j9 200 Not activated

B0069010 Rxcsoy 200 Not activated

B0069009 fook9b 200 Not activated

B0069008 x3no5u 200 Not activated

B0069007 Q0r0kf 200 Not activated

B0069006 No23cn 200 Not activated

B0069005 qmbh1p 200 Not activated

B0069004 S5k4v9 200 Not activated

B0069003 Ruwy1j 200 Not activated

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North wind Nets free value 200 yuan study card, thousand git video material free download

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