Not enough memory on the phone? Five major causes of cell phone memory reduction and solutions

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1, SMS Garbage

Perhaps a text message will not take up a lot of space, but in addition to text messages, but also with pictures, sounds and other information. If you do not clean up for a long time, the accumulated memory is still a lot of.

Regularly delete some spam message is necessary, delete the message should also pay attention to important text messages do not mistakenly deleted.

2, Picture video

For those who love to self-portrait, years of mobile phone pictures are not thousands of, there are hundreds. But because of the high pixel size of the photos, the space will be more occupied.
Can sync some picture video to cloud, this can save space, and can prevent picture video loss.

3. Application Caching

In the use of the application process will have a cache, in general, with cached data, open the app can save traffic. But the longer the cache, the more space it occupies.
Applications generally do not automatically clean the cache, so we need to manually delete it. The Android phone can go to the admin application item and find the appropriate application to clear the cache directly.

Android phones Uninstall apps, there will be some data packets can not be manually deleted, which requires the help of 360, mobile phone housekeeper, such as cleaning tools to clean.

and iphone users directly open settings-general-usage-Manage storage space, select the space-occupied app to remove cached data.

4, browser cache data

Usually we like to use mobile phone browser to search for problems, or watching video, but in fact, browsers cache a lot of content, long time does not clean up, absolutely let mobile phone Ka Chengxiang.
In the introduction of the browser, don't forget to erase the history and site data Oh!

5, the mobile phone itself

Many people will notice that every time the mobile phone system will be prompted to upgrade, but each upgrade you will find a lot less memory. To solve this problem, you can only brush the machine.

There is a need to brush the machine friends, do not forget to brush the machine before the first back up the necessary things.

below we introduce to you the solution of the low memory of the mobile phone :

When the phone prompts for low memory warning, we may wish to enter the phone "set"-"SD card and cell phone memory", and then you can see the SD card has been used capacity and cell phone memory storage available capacity (mobile memory), The general tip of the phone is not enough memory can be found in the phone memory can only be around 100M, or even lower. When the mobile phone memory free space less than 100M will often appear when the phone is not enough, the impact on the user mainly have, can not install the application, and can not accept the message, the hint of insufficient memory.

The solution is as follows :

If it is a mobile phone installed more applications, it is recommended to uninstall some useless applications, tile into the mobile phone application management, as far as possible to install the application from the memory card transferred to the SD card. We try to put photos, video, etc. on the computer or SD card, install the application as far as possible to install to the SD card.

This can generally save a lot of cell phone memory, generally if the problem is not serious, the use of this method can solve the lack of memory of the mobile phone, and also suggest that we clean up the mobile phone system garbage, this software has a lot, such as QQ mobile phone butler, 360 mobile phone guards and so on. It is also possible to prevent this from happening by cleaning up the memory more often.

Cell phone memory and garbage cleanup

If you have the conditions or can be upgraded friends, can speak of mobile phone memory upgrade more, the current mainstream mobile phone memory has reached 1GB, high-end mobile phone memory can reach 2GB, for high-end mobile phones generally due to large cell phone memory, generally less than the lack of mobile phone memory, By contrast, there are still a lot of smart phone memory only 512M, once the installation of too much, do not pay attention to optimization will appear the lack of memory of the phone.

Finally, I also encountered a situation, the cell phone every boot is not enough memory, no matter how we uninstall software or transfer software, the problem remains, the back of the author back up the phone contact, SMS and some applications, the phone back to the factory settings, and then restore the mobile phone data, Behind this stubborn mobile phone is not enough memory problem to completely solve

Clean the running program and SD card

The first step: if the SD card memory space is not enough, it is necessary to clean up stored in the SD card is not commonly used in the package, or pictures and video music, and need to replace the larger capacity of the SD card

The second step: the mobile phone above the hidden page to pull down, you will see a key to clean, click a button to clean up all the currently running programs all shut down so that you can release a part of the program occupied memory space

System optimization Cleanup

The first step: Click on program management, access to the System Optimization page, in the System optimization page can click a button to clean up the memory directly

The second step: You can also click on the run, the running program in the application of the shutdown to release a part of the space

Step three: 3 can also click on the cache file, access to the cache file page, click on the top right corner of all clean not all program cache files cleaned up, or directly in the want to clean up after the program click Cleanup, a single clean cache file

Clean up data generated using the application

The first step: Click on the phone's Settings button to enter the Settings page

Step two: Go to the Setup page and click general

Step three: Click on the application after entering the General page

Fourth step: After entering the application page click Installed

Step Fifth: Go to the installed page, see all the installed programs, click the program to clean

Sixth step: Click to clean the program to see the program information, click Clear Data and clear cache memory of the phone to clean up

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