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One day, suddenly listen to a friend said, he was on the internet, I do not know what to click, and his hard drive all to format. The author's first thought is: This will not be in the famous domestic macro virus "July killer"? But this macro virus is in the system Autoexec.bat file added "deltree c:/y", should not format the entire hard drive.
Once saw an introduction in a magazine, said that what IE browser can be executed by ActiveX to the hard disk format, and remember that the source code was also published, only the source was published for the Spanish version of Windows, the Chinese version of Windows is not used, Maybe those codes have now been changed by some experts to the Chinese windows.

Ask your friends, he was also a blur of the format of the hard drive, then entered the site did not remember.

No way, I had to run to some of the domestic website to find similar theme articles. Emperor not bear the painstaking people, finally found a few can format the hard disk HTML files. The moderator of the website from the good intentions, reminding users to download: only for their own research, not harmful.

Considering the danger, I first use Notepad to open one of them to see the source code, did not think of the source file has been added to the secret, which is written in JavaScript script, the encryption part of the code seems to be just some of the definition of characters, and the real script content is only displayed some characters on the screen

Because their machine is just installed, there is no particularly important data, so the idea of holding the "addiction to death," opened the HTML file with IE browser.

The browser then issues a warning: "The ActiveX controls on this page may be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page, do you allow interaction?".

If you choose Yes, those unsafe controls will be run. However, the author of this HTML file is just a joke, you open it, what it said "Your C disk has been forced into the format, once the restart of the format."

Do not start, save the useful files immediately. "And so on and so forth." The author carefully examined the contents of the Windows startup program, there is no change, so rest assured boldly restart, it is open joke.
In the download of another HTML file, look at the source code, can not help but startled. The program's only less than 30 generation code has 24 lines is to call the command in Windows, is really ruthless. In addition to a, b two drives, as long as you can divide the area c-z, will be formatted.

In order to verify its effect, and do not want the author's hard disk was formatted, the author of Windows from the to change the name, and then open the HTML file with IE, the browser also issued a warning: "Some of the software on this page (ActiveX control) may be unsafe." It is recommended that you do not run. Is it allowed to run? ".

When you choose "Yes", you will pop up dozens of dos windows, probably because it can't find the file, and all the DOS windows you find are not displayed.

It not only called the, but also added some parameters, such as a quick format, and then the format of the window has been automatically completed hard disk format work, and so you have been too late when you found. Fortunately, the author has the hard drive in the to change the name, otherwise the consequences imaginable.

It seems that now the format of the Chinese version of Windows through HTML files can indeed be done. We should be more careful when we surf the Internet. However, we do not have to be afraid of choking and not eating, as long as you do the following method, so you can tongkuailinli to surf the internet.

First, do not open a stranger to send e-mail attachments, now for HTML files, open if there is a so-called "page contains unsafe ActiveX" information should be careful, it is best not to run the ActiveX control.

Second, the Windows system in some of the more dangerous procedures renamed, such as, Deltree.exe and so on. We don't really use these DOS commands in Windows, so it's a good way to change the code that invokes the DOS command to maliciously damage the system. You can change to a few easy to remember names, such as change to

Third, pay attention to update their own system, the system is not necessarily the latest version, but its security aspects of the patch must be noted, it is best to download and install. Our commonly used anti-virus and anti hacking programs are updated regularly.

It is noteworthy: for the author used the format of the hard disk of the HTML file, there is no anti-virus, anti-hacker program can respond (this is no wonder, because this malicious code is not part of the virus and hacker programs).

Four, encountered in the Internet some illegal websites, if it asks you to download or clicks what thing, must see the explanation first, had better not easily believe. It is a bitter lesson that dial-up Internet users pay for international long-distance telephone calls as a result of downloading a program in a previous paper.

Like the author's friends because in the Internet do not listen to the webmaster's advice, hard to try those procedures, the results of the hard drive by the lattice, this lesson we must learn.

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