Notebook HDMI, VGA connection to the whole process of HD TV record

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Notebook HDMI, VGA connection to the whole process of HD TV record

These two days, as long as you finish dinner in the evening, you can watch HD movies on TV.

Just have a friend ask HDMI to answer some of the problems of TV, put myself to the process of the TV said Ha

First of all equipment: TV, Skyworth 47-inch model for 47L01HF

Computer, Ben Niang, Lenovo G460a-ifi graphics card for nvidia Geforce 310M

1, first need to connect the cable

HDMI Cable, Computer city Amoy, unscrupulous businessmen to 50, and finally cut to 25 to buy, but the quality is really good

VGA cable originally want to go to the computer city to buy, and then to the scrap buy station, find a lot of computer flat screen display people asked

There is no such dual-male VGA line, the result people still really give me from the ruins inside Ba la out a root, the result only spent 5 yuan to buy.

Basically equal to the vain, come back an experiment completely OK. Really good value ~ ~

If you are a desktop person and do not have HDMI to buy the DVI line, if you want HD then go to buy a dvi to HDMI cable + audio transmission line

If the TV does not have an HDMI external audio interface, then give up ...

2, connect. Turn on the TV, adjust the signal source, plug in each other on the line

3, set

This is mainly because my mother uses n card, so I can only use n card to do the demonstration, in fact, a card is basically almost

"Control Panel" = = = "Nvidia Control Panel"

4, note: To first connect the signal line and then open the N card Control Panel, or the TV is not recognized!!

If you're using an HDMI connection, you'll hear a "ding-dong" sound when you open the N-card control panel.

If you do not hear the sound if you can identify it, if it is not recognized, then pull the line from the new plug ... (Does not ring with the VGA connection)

Then select "Multiple Display Modes"

Set the main display as the mother's attached monitor for the TV

5, first connect the TV first set the resolution of the TV, if you do not know how much to check the manual

My home TV resolution is 1920x1080, as for this refresh rate of course the higher the better

If even the manual can not find the direct pull to the highest, with the graphics card to identify the highest resolution test, if passed it is OK

6, click "Apply" after the TV refresh

If it can be displayed correctly, the information you just set is completely ok!.

For example, my home TV is "1080P60", 60 is the refresh rate 60HZ

Note: If the display is not "P" but "I" it is best to start from the new settings, indicating that your settings are not fully matched to the TV

(Of course, if you are setting the "I" then that's right.)

For example, if the input is a 1920x1200 or other non-standard signal will automatically hit "1080I60" This file, the effect is very bad

Finally, how do you solve this problem?

7, so far, even if the connection is basically completed, you can open the high-definition movie to enjoy it

But I have to say more than that, because there are a lot of problems

In the next article, there are various problems that may arise: XXX

--Originally published in 2010-9-2

Notebook HDMI, VGA connection to the whole process of HD TV record

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