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Synpatics fixed point device, which is the drive of the notebook touchpad. You can use the touchpad to replace the mouse with the mouse if you set it slightly. The following is an introduction to the Internet:

Synaptics received 2014 consumer electronics Exhibition"Innovation design and engineering award"On June 23, synaptics, a leading developer of man-machine interface solutions, announced today that it relies on clickpad2. 0 technology, the company has been nominated as the winner of the innovation design and engineering award for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics exhibition. Synaptics clickpad2. 0 is the most advanced capacitive sensor notebook touchpad technology on the market today, integrated with a unique hinge spring mechanism, not only has the second to none durability, at the same time, it also has the fastest and most stable response performance in the industry.

The setting method is to open "Change mouse pointer" in the Left bar of personalization"

Set the value of "synapticstouchpadv7.5" (double-click)

If you select the scroll check box, you can move the right side of the touchpad up and down to achieve the same functionality as the mouse scroll wheel, you can release the mouse to a certain extent ~~

Set the value of smartsense to the maximum value. In this way, when typing on a laptop keyboard, the mouse pointer will not be moved by touching the touchpad in the palm of your hand. This is really user-friendly, it's no small worry that the touchpad has misoperations.

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