Notes on the bright radiator system

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A cold autumn rain, winter is coming to us quickly. Ming installed Radiator Market is fast start, but in order to fast, efficient and safe for families to send warmth, as a HVAC industry practitioners we must understand the "Ming-installed radiator + WALL-mounted furnace" characteristics and precautions. Small series "POTUS is" today and you talk about this topic.

1. Features:

Piping direction and equipment layout by the influence of decoration can not be completely in accordance with the design theory of heating arrangements, there are very large constraints and limitations.

2. principle:

To "beautiful + comfortable" principle to organize the design and construction plan, the pipeline to the original decoration damage as far as possible the least. The position of the heatsink is chosen to take into account these two principles.

3. Precautions :

3.1 need to conduct repeated careful measurement of the scene, and strive to establish a relatively perfect construction plan, and need to communicate with the owners very detailed, so that customers to recognize our construction organization program, to avoid excessive psychological expectations of customers.

3.2 need to know the location of the water and electricity in the concealed works of the house, if not sure, it needs the experienced electrician to confirm.

3.3 Piping Layout, the riser should be arranged as far as possible along the corner, horizontal pipe as far as possible along the ceiling or roof toward, and strive to the original decoration damage to the smallest.

3.4 Radiator installation position to take into account the "beautiful + comfortable" principle, in the guest restaurant and other places to choose the vertical high-type steel plate radiator, the room radiator can choose window sill or after the door.

3.5 piping minimizes concave bends and requires the installation of 1-2 automatic exhaust valves at the highest point of the system, usually installed in the ceiling of the bathroom.

3.6 Radiator Branch Road can be connected to the radiator in principle not too much. Because of the large pipeline resistance of the Ming installation system, too much radiator will cause the flow rate too slow, not conducive to the elimination of gas.

3.7 As far as possible using PPR aluminum plastic composite pipe, such as Italy, FADO, long life, aesthetics, oxygen resistance, not deformation;

3.8 in the construction process to do a good job of furniture protection measures.

3.9 test pressure to a group of a group of tests, the valve is closed all first, test a group to open a group.

I hope the above suggestions can help you.

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Notes on the bright radiator system

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