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After Wu Yan and Liang xiujuan broke up with Zhao Haibo, they rushed back to the startup contest. The project review for the startup contest is over and the Award List is being published. Fortunately, it is not too late.
Wu Yan eagerly asked, "What is the situation ?"
Li Yunshan casually handed a certificate to Wu Yan. Wu Yan took a closer look and it turned out to be the star of tomorrow. Wow! Wu Yan was excited when he really won the award. However, Wu Yan suddenly remembered that there were more than a dozen Star Awards in the next day. After rough calculation, about half of the projects were able to receive the award, and he was somewhat disappointed.
The competition results are neither good nor bad. What should we do next? Wu Yan wanted to discuss with the two of them immediately. Unfortunately, the awards were being presented on the stage. It was easy to go to the end of the awards ceremony. On the way out, Wu Yan couldn't help but ask: "the competition is over. What do the two think we should do next ?"
Li Yunshan only walked without talking. Liang xiujuan suddenly remembered something and said, "By the way, I have to talk to instructor song. Otherwise, let's try again tomorrow !"
When Li Yunshan clicked, Wu Yan had to agree with Liang xiujuan's suggestion.
The next day, Wu yanlao came to the agreed coffee shop and sat down at a location. It wasn't long before Wu yigang sat down. Liang xiujuan also came here by himself. Wu Yan and Liang xiujuan said hello. When she sat down, she asked, "Why have you come by yourself? What about Li Yunshan ?"
"Isn't it time? He may have to wait a while !" Liang xiujuan replied.
"By the way, what did you talk to Teacher Song yesterday ?" Wu Yan asked curiously.
"I just talked about the opinions of some judges on our projects ." Liang xiujuan replied.
"Oh, what do they say ?" Wu Yan is following the trend.
"There is not much difference with Zhao Haibo ." Liang xiujuan replied. Liang xiujuan suddenly remembered something and asked, "Do you know why I am in a hurry to talk to Teacher Song ?"
Wu Yan shook his head.
Liang xiujuan went on to say, "didn't we talk to Zhao Haibo yesterday? He mentioned all the bad things of Li Yunshan. I cannot be sure whether it is true or not, so I want to ask Miss Song to confirm it !"
"How is the result ?" Wu Yan eagerly asked, and thought Liang xiujuan was doing very well, because Zhao Haibo's words were also a one-person statement, and it was much better to verify more.
"The situation is basically the same as what Zhao Haibo said !" Liang xiujuan replied.
"However, yesterday you heard Zhao Haibo say that after Li Yunshan, You Should Be skeptical! Then why did you immediately tell him to let Li Yunshan leave the team ?" Wu Yan was puzzled at this time.
"As Zhao Haibo, he casually speaks ill words about a person. Do you think it is possible ?" Liang xiujuan asked.
Wu Yan was speechless about this sentence.
Liang xiujuan went on to say, "and if you didn't follow him, will he be willing to communicate with you? How can you do it later? Where can he focus so much !"
In this case, Wu Yan finally understood Liang xiujuan's intention at that time. However, Wu Yan now has another question: "What do you think should you do with Li Yunshan ?"
"You have to decide this! I have said that I have more important things to do recently !" Said Liang xiujuan.
What is this important thing for Liang xiujuan? Wu Yan is really curious, but Wu Yan knows that he cannot ask. Suddenly, he thought of another question: "When are you going to join the project when did you officially join the project ?"
"This is what I told Zhao Haibo. I have to wait until I finish the task !" Said Liang xiujuan.
The two were chatting about the day. At this moment, Li Yunshan came over and Wu Yan hurriedly sat down Li Yunshan and called coffee.
Li Yunshan said, "What are you talking about when the two came so early ?"
"We are not talking about this project yet !" Liang xiujuan followed his words.
"By the way, you communicated with instructor song yesterday. What is the result? !" Said Li Yunshan.
"I didn't talk to Mr. song for a long time yesterday. He thought our project had good other conditions, but it was a lack of Team !" Liang xiujuan said, and glanced at Li Yunshan.
Li yeshan nodded and said, "It seems that they have some knowledge of our real situation! What are the plans for the next step ?" Li Yunshan turned his head to Wu Yan and asked.
Wu Yan thought for a moment and said, "I think although the results of this competition are not very satisfactory, there are also some positive feedback. At least the judges agree with our project, if the financing path cannot be implemented for the moment, we can start with the project." Wu Yan thinks that he has made a good speech. First of all, if Li Yunshan is a quick contributor, he will certainly not agree to this. If he opposes this, he will not be able to cooperate, fortunately, he has not invested much. Second, if Li Yunshan is willing to do so, it proves that Li Yunshan is not bad. At least he has learned the lessons from the past and may seriously do things this time.
After listening to Wu Yan, Li Yunshan thought about it and said, "Now I have to do this! There will be a lot of program development work in the next stage, right ?" Li Yunshan asked Wu Yan.
"Yes, it mainly provides external interfaces !" Wu Yan said.
"Well, I have an engineer here. It's very high. It's our Team Leader. I called him and their Team for help. They have three people in the Team, in this way, the development progress can be faster! What do you think ?" Li Yunshan asked Wu Yan.
"Okay! It's just that my current salary is ...... "Wu Yan is indeed quite embarrassed. On the one hand, if someone can help, it can certainly speed up the development of the system, but he is under great financial pressure and is difficult to afford.
"You can rest assured that I will be responsible for their salary issues. You only need to take them for development ." Said Li Yunshan.
Wu Yan thought that Li Yunshan's solution was acceptable, but before talking to Wu Yan, Liang xiujuan rushed to say, "I don't know much about the technology. I think it is now at this stage, do I still need so many developers? Didn't you develop all those features by yourself, Wu Yan ?"
"Since Wu Yan started his own business, he could not develop programs all day long. He should have a good idea, spare time and energy to do other more important things! We should free Wu Yan from specific program development, so that he can have the energy to plan the roadmap of products and services, so that we can be more competitive !" Li Yunshan said with excitement.
"I mean..." Liang xiujuan was about to talk about it. Her cell phone suddenly rang.
"Hello! Wang Jie! Wait until your phone is reached !" Liang xiujuan said with great excitement.
"Yes! Yes! I have time now !" Liang xiujuan said with enthusiasm.
"OK, no problem! I will be there now !" Liang xiujuan is very excited.
Hanging up the phone, Liang xiujuan seemed to have a sense of accomplishment. After a pause, he said, "Sorry, I'm in a hurry. I'm leaving. Let's talk about it! You don't need to worry about me. I 've been too busy recently, so I can't take care of it !"
Liang xiujuan said, without waiting for Wu Yan to talk to the two of them, he picked up his carry-on bag and rushed out of the revolving door next to him. At the door, he jumped onto a taxi and did not go back to the ground.
This is what Liang xiujuan calls a big event! What is so urgent? Wu Yan was really strange and couldn't help feeling: "She is always so busy recently. I really don't know what's busy with her ?"
"Yes! She is still out of class now !" Li Yunshan is easygoing. "Okay, leave her alone. Let's discuss the specific plan !" Li Yunshan pulled the topic back to the project.
"Okay, when will you let your people come ?" Wu Yan asked Li Yunshan.
"Of course, the sooner you get, the better. If it is convenient for you, let them go to work next Monday !" Li Yunshan simply said.
"Okay, no problem !" Wu Yan answered.
Wu Yan's unit room was angry again. Li Yunshan really brought the people he said on Monday. The project leader is Zhang shaozhi, who is not tall, I think it is a developer, and the other three have two or three years of development experience.
This team has a really strong working ability. After Wu Yan told them about the system architecture, they could do basic development under the program architecture in a few days. Zhang shaozhi often discussed with Wu Yan, determine the detailed development plan for each week, and then supervise the implementation. It can indeed save many things for Wu Yan. Currently, Wu Yan only needs to perform quality control. Wu Yan feels that it is rare to start a business, it seems that a team is different. You don't have to do everything yourself. It can really reduce the pressure.
On this day, Wu Yan suddenly received A call from Mr..
"Wu Yan! How has it been recently ?" Mr. A asked with concern.
"Okay! A partner was found recently. The project should be on track soon !" Wu Yan said with pride.
"Yes? That's great !" As you can hear, Mr. A is really happy for Wu Yan. After A pause, Mr. A went on to say, "my company is about to go public on A-share now !"
"Oh, this is a big pleasure! Did you go public on the Growth Enterprise Market before? Now it has become A-share market, and it's really amazing !" Wu Yan said with envy.
"It was originally intended to be listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, but later it was found that the-share shell market has a larger development space, so we were ready to take the-share market! By the way, we will hold a public celebration at the Great Wall Hotel in 20th day of this month. There will be a lot of celebrities from the investment industry to attend. Come here too. I will introduce them to you, this is very helpful for your future financing." Said John.
In the past, Mr. A seems to be a kind of kind. He wants to accumulate some contacts at this high-end party. However, Wu Yan has a natural fear of such occasions, this kind of opportunity has always been a great deal of respect, and you don't have to worry too much about financing now. If you have Li Yunshan, you don't have to go on that occasion.
Wu Yan calmly said, "Thank you, but you know that I am uncomfortable on that occasion, so I still don't want to go !"
"Why are you still the same? Now that you start a business, you have to take advantage of all the opportunities. This opportunity is really a great opportunity. Please think carefully !" Mr. A is sorry for Wu Yan.
"I still don't want to go. I am mainly responsible for Technology in my team, and my partners are responsible for financing !" Wu Yan insisted.
"That's okay! No, please! The listing is over. Let's talk about it later !" Said John.
"Okay !" Wu promised.
Putting down the phone, Wu Yan is very happy for Xiao A. A poor child can make the enterprise A-share market, which is really not easy!
Wu Yan put all his energy into product R & D. Since Li Yunshan's staff can fully develop external interfaces, Wu Yan put his main energy into data mining, continue to study how to apply algorithms in WEKA to your project. Half a month later, Wu Yan implemented algorithms such as naive Bayes, demo-tree, and association rule, and found application scenarios in the project, for example, Naive Bayes is suitable for Predicting whether users of a product like it or not. Whether or not a specified type of advertisement should be put on a certain page of a user to achieve precise ad marketing. In addition, Association role is particularly useful for designing discount systems.
On this day, Wu received a call from Mr.. Looking at the call display, Wu Yan thought that this guy was quite talkative, saying that he was talking to himself after going public, so he could find himself so quickly.
"Hello! Chen Zong! Congratulations! You are listed !" Wu started the call and consciously changed the name from A to Chen.
"Well, thank you !" Mr. A's voice was a bit low. "I want to ask you, have you seen Xiao Juan recently ?"
Wu Yan was a little surprised when Mr. A suddenly asked this question, but said, "I have seen it several times a month ago, but I haven't seen it for a long time! What's wrong? Is there something to do with her ?"
"Something really happens! But I cannot contact her! She didn't pick up her cell phone. She rented out the house I rented for her. Later she went to Tsinghua and saw that she was not in the dormitory. She couldn't find her and asked you ." Said John very seriously.
Why is Xiao A eager to find Liang xiujuan? Should he reconcile with Liang xiujuan? Wu Yan is puzzled. However, Wu Yan said, "You are so anxious to contact her! I have never met her recently, but I will call you later to ask her to meet you !"
"That's great. You'll call her right away and ask her out. It's better not to say I made an appointment, or she won't come !" Said John eagerly.
"Okay! Why are you so mysterious ?" Wu Yan asked with curiosity.
"It's hard to say this. Please help me find her first! Please !" Said John.
It seems that there was indeed a matter of worry. When I hung up the phone, Wu Yan immediately called Liang xiujuan.
"The phone number you have called has been shut down. Please try again later! The subscriber you dialed is power off, please try again later !" The system prompts on the phone. No! During the day, the phone was shut down, and Wu Yan was surprised. However, after several attempts, Liang xiujuan's phone is always shut down. It should have been Liang xiujuan's intention not to answer the phone.
Wu Yan sent a text message to Xiao A, telling him that Liang xiujuan's mobile phone was not started and he could not contact her. If he could contact Liang xiujuan, he would be notified as soon as possible.
After the pause, Wu Yan vaguely felt that something was wrong. Liang xiujuan said that there was something important to do, And then it disappeared. Now Mr. A is eager to see her, and there must be a correlation between them, but what happened between them? Wu Yan is really puzzled.
Wu Yan is in a bad mood now. He just needs to pay for his mobile phone fee. He just went out for a stroll and dispersed his mind.
Today, the weather outside is very good, and the autumn is refreshing, breathing the air in the early autumn, Wu Yan is in a lot better mood. Then he suddenly received A call from John.
"Hello ?" Wu Yan was full of doubts and started to call Mr..
"Wu Yan, do you really cannot contact xiaojuan ?" John eagerly asked.
"I really cannot contact her !" Said Wu.
"Do you have time now? Let's have a chat !" Mr. A eagerly said.
"I have time. Where can I meet ?" Wu Yan asked.
"Where are you now ?" John asked Wu Yan.
"I'm at Huilongguan wumei !" Wu Yan replied.
"Then you will be waiting for me at KFC next to you! I will be there now !" Mr. A eagerly said.
Wu Yan sat in the window of KFC and ordered A cup of cola, waiting patiently for Mr. A to arrive.
After about half an hour, John hurried in and sat directly opposite Wu Yan. It seems that A is definitely not resting well in the past two days, and his eyes are black.
Before waiting for Wu Yan to speak, Xiao A said, "This is really A big event. Please help me find Xiao Juan no matter what you do !"
Wu Yan said as he was so worried: "You don't have to worry about it. I'll go back and ask the fellow villagers. It should be something you can find! By the way, you are so anxious to find out what happened to her ?"
Mr. A gave A look at Wu Yan and thought that Wu Yan was very honest. He said, "I am not telling you that I am going to go public this time, But we chose A ST Chemical Company, after obtaining a controlling stake, I injected my current company's assets into that company to achieve the goal of going public on the curve."
Wu Yan listened to Mr. A's remarks and did not understand how he was eager to contact Liang xiujuan.
"But, you know, if you know that we want to buy this chemical company in advance, you can buy a large number of shares of this company in advance, and then wait for us to buy this company and inject capital, at this time, the stock price will definitely rise. If he throws another stock, he will be able to make a huge profit!" Mr. A went on to explain.
"You mean that xiaojuan bought the shares of the company you want to buy in advance and sold them low, right ?" Wu Yan asked, but at the same time, he thought that even so, small A would not have to be so nervous!
"It would be nice to do this !" "The key to the problem is that she didn't buy it, but I bought it, and I used the stock account that was previously opened for her and her relatives, I was forgotten when I got divorced, so I still have it. This time I am wrong. I am using these accounts to buy and sell stocks. I don't know why xiaojuan knows why ."
In this case, Wu finally understood something and he could not help but count it as A small clerk: "You should have done this too well. Isn't that clear about the money to grab investors ?"
"Yes, I know that I am not doing this right, but there are many people doing this, much bigger than I do, and they are all more identities than I do, this is a potential listing rule!" A.
Mr. A went on to say: "the key to the problem now is that xiaojuan has found A number of investors who have lost money to trade the company's shares during this period and asked them to sue me, I just received a subpoena from the court two days ago, so I must immediately find xiaojuan and press down the matter."
Wu Yan now thoroughly understands what is going on. It turns out that Liang xiujuan, A deliberate Director, retaliated against Mr.. This reminds Wu Yan of Huang Guangyu's insider transaction case. What Liang xiujuan said a few days ago was the same thing!
After knowing all the truth about the incident, Wu Yan felt that both Xiao A and Liang xiujuan had done some improper work. Wu Yan told me that he did not really want to take care of the incident.
Mr. A seemed to have read Wu Yan's mind and said, "If it's just something between us, I wouldn't be so anxious. It's A big deal. I'll spend some money with you, at most, I was forced to resign as chairman of the board. The problem is that many people have made transactions like me, and they don't want to have any problems. Therefore, xiaojuan is not going to confront me, but a group of very experienced people. What eventually suffers losses is xiaojuan, to tell the truth, I really don't want to take things too far. If xiaojuan is willing to leave her alone, then she will definitely suffer, and I will not have a big impact!"
Mr. A's words are also sincere. Indeed, Liang xiujuan may not be able to tell Mr. A through this case. On the contrary, Mr. A may use various means to finally tell Liang xiujuan to fall into the trap, in this way, we will not be able to understand our hate, but will be in jail. Therefore, those who are blindfolded by hate often do irrational things. Liang xiujuan's hate for Mr. A is too deep, will she do everything possible to find all means of revenge, and want her to give up what she thinks is a good opportunity, is it possible?
Wu Yan was thinking about his thoughts. Xiao A said at this moment: "Well, I have something else. Please help me find Xiao Juan !" Mr. A suddenly stood up and said hello to Wu, so he went out directly.
Looking at the back of Mr. A, Wu Yan sighed, it seems that Mr. A has changed.
The question is, do you want to help Mr. A find Liang xiujuan? Where can I find her? Wu Yan has no clue about these problems.
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