Now that you have chosen a distant place, you will only take care of the wind and rain.

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I have read many books, watched many movies, heard a lot of music, painted a lot of pictures, and had many hobbies and dreams.

I naively thought I was omnipotent. I thought I could write a best-selling novel, become a good critic, and draw beautiful illustrations. Everyone liked me.

When I was 24 years old, the Chinese zodiac now ran to the second lap. My second year of my life, I suddenly found that I was just a common death in all sentient beings. Not tall, not short, not beautiful, not ugly, not good qualifications, not small capacity, not bad as a whole, but definitely not good.

I have written novels, but few people read them. I wrote movie reviews, but they were finally folded by Douban. I have painted cartoons, but so far I have not even made any decent products, I spoke about my love affair and finally broke my way with the other party. I had a job, but my salary was meager and even had no money to buy for 5 S. I had a dream, but I didn't achieve it in the end.

In this case, in the past few years, I was really a complete loser.

The heart is higher than the sky, and the life is thinner than the paper. When the class teacher wrote these eight words on the blackboard in the third year of high school, I was puzzled.

Now I seem to understand why I feel that way.

What I do is not as good as what I think. Always.

Then I suddenly realized that I should not continue to think about it. I just want to do it. It is called a dream, and it is a waste of life.

I have always Spared myself easily and lowered my requirements. No perseverance, no determination. In this way, we will never succeed. We can only bury ourselves in the vast universe and become the kind of person we do not want to be.

It took 24 years to acknowledge your shortcomings, and then dare to acknowledge your embarrassment.

But simply admit it, it is a year of life and a new cycle. I am not young, but I am not too old. It is not too late to start working hard.

Starting from today, we strictly demand ourselves and step by step towards the desired future. Come on!

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