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1. @ Property

Only use the @ interface keyword in the. h file

When the compiler encounters @ property, it automatically expands the declaration of the getter and setter methods.

// Equivalent @ property int age;-(INT) age;-(void) setage :( INT) newage;

Note: When @ property is detected in xcode4.5, @ synthesize is automatically added to the. M file.
Age = _ age. For example, if the. h file does not declare the _ age variable, the private member Variable _ age is automatically added to the. M file.

2. @ synthesize

Only use the @ implements keyword in the. M file.

When the compiler encounters @ synthesize, it is automatically expanded into the implementation of the getter and setter methods. By default, the member variables with the same name are accessed.

@ Synthesize age = _ age; indicates that the get and Set Methods access the member Variable _ age.

// Equivalent @ synthesize age = _ age;-(void) setage :( INT) newage {_ age = newage;}-(INT) Age {return _ age ;}

NOTE: If no member variable is found, a private member variable with the same name is automatically generated.

3. Complete use

Person. h file

@interface Person:NSObject {     int _ID;     float _weight; } @property int ID; @property float weight;  @end 

Person. M file

@implement Person  @synthesize ID = _ID; @synthesize weight = _weight;  @end 

4. Comprehensive use

The above @ property and @ synthesize keywords can be used in combination with the getter/setter method.

If the getter/setter method is manually implemented under certain special requirements, @ synthesize is invalid.

Person. h file

@interface Person:NSObject {     int _ID;     float _weight; } @property int ID; @property float weight;  @end 

Person. M file

@ Implement person-(void) setid: int newid {// In the getter/setter method, Special Operation _ id = newid * 100;}-(INT) id {return _ id;} @ end

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