October 24 Global Domain name quotient volume and market share ranking TOP15

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IDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) October 27 reported: According to Registrarstats published real-time data show, as of October 24, 2015, in the global domain name registration 15 ranking, China still won 2 seats, respectively, China million network, the new network. Among them, China million network ranked 7th, the monthly net increase of 347,897, strong momentum, market share increased by 0.07%, to 3.5%. Next, look at IDC to review the details of the network collation.

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(Figure 1) Global Domain name Registrar (international Domain name) holdings market share TOP15

1, as of October 24, 2015, GoDaddy.com, LLC to continue to dominate the global domain name registration market with nearly 50% of the share, far away from the second enom, a huge advantage. Next, the ranking sequence is Tucows, Network Solutions, 1&1 Internet AG, and so on. Among them, there are 2 Chinese domain names, respectively, the 7th China million network, the 15th new network. In addition, compared with the previous issue of October 17, the top 15 rankings without any change.

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(Figure 2) Global domain name Registrars (international domain name) holdings and market share statistics

According to Figure 2 "monthly variation" data, only 7 of the world's top 15 domain name registrations have successfully achieved monthly net growth, and the list is exactly the same as the previous period. Among them, China million network continued the growth momentum of the last period, a net increase of 347,897, the number of domain names with the increase to 3,955,294, if the trend of development, will soon break through the 4 million mark. It is worth mentioning that, affected by the increase in the domain name, China million network market share rose to 3.5%, the chain increased by 0.07%.

In addition, GoDaddy.com, LLC performance is also very good, the monthly net increase of 151,873, second only to China million network, the number of domain names to reach 52,138,086, occupy 46.17% of the market share, the supremacy of no one can shake.

In contrast, the 8th GMO Internet, Inc. and 12th Domain.com, LLC's monthly net increase is not obvious, respectively, 4,318, 451. The remaining 3 monthly net increases have reached 5-digit numbers.

In addition, the number of 8 domain names with negative monthly change is still the largest, with a net decrease of 81,827 per month, and a reduction in the number of domain names to 1,793,452, while their market share remains at 1.59%. The decline was ranked 4th in the network Solutions, the monthly net minus 75,445, the chain has increased, the market share shrank by 0.02%.

Article by IDC Commentary Network original editor, original address: http://www.idcps.com/news/20151027/87443.html (if need to reprint, please specify source)

October 24 Global Domain name quotient volume and market share ranking TOP15

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