Of the tens of millions, you are the craftsman!

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See this article todayArticleI think it is very well written and I will share it with you. Ordinary people like us who are engaged in technology rely on the concentration of technical details and the status quo!

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The art appreciation that you cannot buy is available in the vegetable market.

The city well grass-roots, each with its own stalls. They are nearby.Community. Wear stalls, bargain, and ordinary citizen life.

But there are experts. Patronizing the market in year 34, I found that the two masters in Shenzhen were selling fish, and the other was the cashier's sister.

Fish stalls selling fish are L-shaped in the deepest part of the market. They can be seen in four meters. They are slippery and greasy. Dozens of fresh and frozen fish are covered in front of the market. The stalls include him, his boss, his relatives, and many family-style entrepreneurs. The year-on-year shopping spree looks like Bruce Lee in "Brother Tang Shan", but it is a slim version. in the subtropical Guangzhou, he is always wearing a black apron and working with long hands and feet. When a customer buys fish, he doesn't talk much about it. He just needs to pay for the goods and receive the money. Once the guest asks to take care of the fish, then he will be like a new person and take a knife. If there is any assistance:

The live fish stood still in his hand, and the frozen fish turned over in his hand. He wiped the fish belly and opened it. He put his hand on the back of the fish with a knife and wiped out the scales. He took things from the fish's head and from the fish's belly, as if he had handed his left hand to his right hand. He asked you if you wanted to cut it into several segments. if you said yes, he cut it. You basically couldn't see the cut action, and you couldn't hear the stress of the knife falling into the cutting board, of course, there is no need to hide because of the fish's flesh and blood. It seems that he just persuaded the fish to leave for a while.

If you get a squid, regardless of the price of the squid, it is worth looking back at the fish price: he spread the squid, like shaking the drum to pave the bed; as he slowly washed his hands, he had completely removed the thin, almost impossible, non-broken squid skin. While he was washing the water with water in his hand, he sought advice from the customer on how to cut it; after obtaining the answer, he used a knife as a pen and "painted" on the squid. The depth, width and width were as the other party wished, he has quietly scratched it again-made the decomposition and maintained its original shape. When he handed it in his bag, it didn't take a minute.

This is just the Ding jianniu in front of the Chinese word "Chuang Tzu. When the buyer leaves, he turns his head and looks at him. He is serving the next guest, or he is stealing the air to rest. The smoke is on his lips, and his eyes are blank, it looks like a country doctor shot by American documentary photographer Eugene Smith. There are more than a dozen fish sellers in the same market, but they only see transactions and work, and they cannot see second people who enjoy and get fish as art.

The cashier's sister stood in front of the supermarket cashier at the bottom of the vegetable market all year round. She was also 20 years old. She had white shirt and jeans, and her hair was always tied up randomly. She showed her thin eyes and cheeks, and never smiled, no smile. She and two of her colleagues who often change their clothes have to deal with customers who patronize these hundreds of square meters every day. There is also a cheap food market in the supermarket, attracting countless home teachers and grandparents. When the ticket is closed, three cashiers are always lined up. At this time, the cashier girl of the white shirt jeans fully proved why she didn't need to smile, because she didn't want to smile:

No matter how long the team is, she is always the fastest to digest. A few steps forward before the customer's patience is challenged. She only needs to take a look at the label on the vegetable bag, and the blind hand quickly enters the price on the keyboard. She handed the prepaid item to the customer's green bag side. After she reported the total price, when the customer took the money, she was already classifying the next customer and preparing for the ticket. She never urges older consumers to take the money and find the neighborhood, but helps them sort the goods as quickly as possible. In most cases, the customer is wasting time. Of course, she never complains about the customer.

I believe that I have not received any additional training than I did in my peers. He and she are doing the most common jobs in society, but they show their professionalism. He and her income may not necessarily be higher than their peers, but they still insist on higher service quality than their peers. They are professionals in industries that do not require professional quality.

Does their craftsmanship come from the use of word-selling practices? Obviously it is not. Practice is just a low-level requirement, while the craftsman culture contains a higher level of connotation. In fact, since ancient times, China has such a traditional professional virtue. Because of this, the craftsman is awesome. They are meticulous in their work and always follow the principle of "the ruler has the most say ".

Yuan Yue said that there are more than 7000 occupations in the Professional Books, 18 of which will be ideal for children before the age of 10, and more than 7000 occupations will be done in adulthood. Now, it is difficult for 26 million migrant workers and 7 million college graduates to find 18 jobs that children dream. They want to work for survival (Fortunately, for interest. What about the working attitude and professional quality of several hundred million Chinese people who are employed? Taking exams for the iron rice bowl, changing jobs for salary increases and promotions, and worrying about the house and the car and the place where they are going, the three are better than the professional requirements. No matter which university you graduate from, no matter your job type or title, you have no originality, no skill, no precision, professional, and enjoy-style services, you are not a craftsman, most of them are in the workplace.

Among the tens of millions of people, you are a craftsman. This is something that gives you social value and presence more than making a profit through hype or profit-making through drilling. Behind the brand value of amashi and Philippe is the craftsman. Chen pest said, "I am a comedy craftsman", but he is not. He can only say that he wants to be a craftsman.

In China, it is not difficult to find a job. If you have more than 10 million people, you are a craftsman.

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