Office 365 on MacOS series--outlook configuration Items

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In the previous article, you described how to use Outlook for Mac to link O365 subscriptions and other mail services. This article will delve into the outlook for MAC configuration item and describe how to tune Outlook to suit your usage habits.

Application Configuration

The so-called application configuration, which refers to the adjustment of parameters in Outlook preferences, makes the client's performance suitable for its own usage habits. Open preferences, we see is: Personal settings, e-mail and other, three settings area, through these settings, you can adjust the parameters of the client. Let's take a look at some of the major projects.


The first is the general item, where you can set the items to be displayed or hidden by the sidebar and the theme styles.

Theme is only "color" and "classic" two, and the settings here will affect all Office components, and color is just the client title bar to change the color, after all, some friends tired of Apple's usual gray, there is the suspicion of aesthetic fatigue.


Font options are used to set the font used when creating new messages, forwards and replies, and the font used for messages formatted in plain text, and you can adjust them to your liking.


Here you can set the appropriate options according to your own reading habits, the "security" option can be set to the message in a more rigorous "never", the message is safe to click the Download button in the Reading pane to download the picture.


Here are the two settings under "format and Account", where "reply and forward with default e-mail Account" is checked, reply and forward messages are sent from the default account, and the signature settings for the default account are also applied to replies and forwarded messages. If unchecked, replies and forwards the message from the currently working account. "Automatically bcc me when sending a message", this is conducive to the preservation of electronic evidence, is a good habit of work, we look at it.


In the enterprise, the mail signature is also a very important thing. The unified content and the style signature, is the enterprise culture and the external propaganda one embodiment. For individuals, email signatures are also a reflection of self-style. When you set a signature, you can right-click in the Contents pane, open the Font dialog box, set the font and size, and personalize your signature.

We can set their own signatures for different purposes, click on the "+" sign in the lower left corner to add a new signature, double-click the signature name can be changed, such as:

Once your signature is set up, you can select the account and scenario for your app below. This way, when you start a new mail conversation, the signature is automatically appended to the message.


The "Rules" item is divided into two parts: the server and the client, which control the behavior of the server and the client when the message is received, which helps us to manage the received messages in different categories. The default rule is empty and you can create a rule by clicking the "+" sign.

From the above two graphs can be seen, the server and the client's rule configuration is slightly different, interested can try.


Sets the representation of the calendar, with the last item to be used in conjunction with the conferencing feature of Skype for business, with a detailed explanation.
Other options are available at a glance and can be set according to your preferences, no longer detailed here. The above section is about the configuration of the client.

Office 365 on MacOS series--outlook configuration Items

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