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Figure 1 Have you noticed this gray SkyDrive pro?

1. Delete Article

This method is mainly suitable for those who do not need to SkyDrive, since no need, we will not need to leave it on the screen unsightly. To do this, first press Win+r to enter "regedit" into Registry Editor, and then locate "Hkey_classes_rootallfilesystemobjectsshell", under which the name "SPFs" is found. ContextMenu the subordinate subkey of the, delete this subkey. ok! now log off or restart the computer, once again into the system, the right menu of "SkyDrive Pro" will no longer appear.

Figure 2 opening Registry Editor

Figure 3 Deleting the corresponding key value

2. Activation article

Of course, the above method is only suitable for those who do not need skydrive. If you like this feature and want to make better use of it, you should change your mind and try to activate it.

Through Registry Editor, you can also navigate to "Hkey_classes_rootallfilesystemobjectsshellspfs.contextmenu". Instead of deleting the entire subkey this time, double-click "Commandstatehandler" in the right-hand pane and empty its "Value data" column.

Figure 4 Empty the "Commandstatehandler" key value

Then go to "Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorercommandstoreshell". SPFs The following four subkeys in turn. Browseonsharepoint "," SPFs. Copylink "," SPFs. Resolveerror "and" SPFs. Share "" Commandstatehandler "key value empty, method ibid.

Figure 5 Clears the "Commandstatehandler" key value of the four subkeys on the previous figure

Without rebooting, when we open the right-click menu again, you will find that the SkyDrive pro that once gave you a headache can finally be used!

Figure 6 The Right button menu is ready to use

Small knowledge: SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro Difference

Many people think that these two software should be the same set of products, but in fact ... No, it's not! In layman's parlance, SkyDrive is a cloud storage service launched by Microsoft, which allows users to upload their own images and documents to the SkyDrive store via a Windows Live account login. SkyDrive Pro is a component in office 2013 that synchronizes documents to a SharePoint document library. But it's important to be clear that SkyDrive Pro in office 2013 is actually not the same as SkyDrive, which should actually be an upgraded version of Office Groove.

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