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What teleport pro can do is not just browse a webpage offline (allowing you to quickly browse the content of a webpage offline is of course an important feature ), it can capture any file you want from anywhere on the Internet. It can automatically log on to your designated website at the specified time to download your specified content, you can also use it to create a complete image of a website as a reference for creating your own website.


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Classic Offline Browser teleport pro
Http:// 2001/01/04 Sina Technology pony

Today, you may have used a 56 K modem, a k isdn, or a cablemodem. However, when you click on a hyper-connection, you still think the page is slowly displayed. In addition, the speed of page browsing varies with individual usage habits. Although network and telephone fees are no longer a major burden, the long wait process will drive us crazy. What should we do? Try offline browsing. This is a good way to do it. Because when you browse offline, the speed of reading files on the hard disk is certainly not enough. You don't have to wait, that is, point-to-point delivery. You don't have to worry about browsing time, you can read or read the text on the page with ease, without the need to take a look at the general effect.

Download and install

Although advanced browsers support offline browsing, their functions are too weak. It seems that we have to find a tool from other vendors. Here we recommend a classic Offline Browser, teleport pro, which is the best to use and has the most users:

  • You can download the entire website and allow you to browse it offline, which is much faster than directly accessing the files on the website.
  • Create a site image that includes all the directory structures and required files.
  • Search for files of the specified type on a website.
  • Obtain the list of files of a known site.
  • Explore each connected site from the central site.
  • Search sites by keyword
  • Project schedule: You can schedule your download project at any time. Each project is completed in order, and each new project runs automatically after the previous project is completed.
  • The automatic connection, disconnection, and reconnection system can enable teleport to end up with the Internet connection, saving the telephone fee and connection time.
  • The dynamic reconnection system allows you to connect to areas that cannot be downloaded, so that you can try again later.
  • The command line method allows you to allow projects in batch processing or other third-party programs, which is very flexible.
  • Optional intra-site (out-of-site) download level limit.
  • Ten clues that occur at the same time allow you to retrieve the data you need as soon as possible.
  • Full compatibility with offline browsing and site Images
  • Access Password protection site
  • Advanced file type and size filtering.
  • Distribute download requests to ensure the download speed of slow response servers.
  • Fully supported by proxy server and firewall.
  • Server overload protection! Prevents remote servers from being overloaded.
  • Configurable proxy identity allows teleport to mimic any popular browser.

You can find it from various software download sites. It is a star on the Internet and has won many awards. PC magazine editing selection Award, ZD net four Star Award, tucows five ox Gold Award, etc., I will not be too long. The download address for Sina is:

Http:// S_id = 225

It should be noted that teleport seems to have stopped version updates, but it still supports Win9x/Win2000 operating systems.

Figure 1

After you install your Teleport pro, it is very simple and convenient to use. For the first time users, it is also very helpful, it is a "Dummies" software that can be easily used. It is really easy to use teleport. Come with me!

  Easy to use

For ease of use, teleport pro provides the "new project wizward" feature )". The new project Wizard makes it easy to set and execute a new teleport PRO project. You can quickly start the download process before going offline! All of this: only four steps are required.

The following describes how to download news from xinlang News Center.

Open the menu file, select the new project wizard command, or click the first button in the toolbar.

Figure 2

As shown in, teleport pro asks you what you need it to do for you:

1. Create a browsable copy of a website on my hard drive: Create a copy of the website available for browsing on my hard drive. This is the default option and is also frequently used. Please select this option.

2. duplicate a website, including directory structure: copy a website, including the directory structure. Select this image if you are creating an image site.

3. Search a website for files of a certain site: Search for files on a website based on a specified file type.

4. Lead e every site linked from a central site: Explores each connected point from a central site.

5. retrieve one or more files at known addresses: retrieve one or more files from a known address.

6. Search a website for keywords: search for a website by keyword.

After the selection, follow "Next" (next) to continue.

Figure 2

For example, enter the start address of the website you want to download.

  • URL: You must enter a URL as the starting position for project execution. For example, to download news from Sina News Center, the address can be:

    "", " /",
    "Http://], these are all valid addresses.

  • Download depth: Teleport can certainly control the number of layers at the download start address. The default value is Layer 3.

Generally, if you need to add one or more start addresses to your project, select new starting address in the project menu or press the sixth button from the left on the toolbar.

Click "Next" (next step) to continue.

Figure 3

For configuration. When creating a local site, you can only download:

  • Just text: Only Download text.
  • Text and graphics: text and graphics.
  • Text, graphics, and sound: text, graphics, and sound.
  • Everything: Download all.

If you need an account and password to access the website, enter the account and password below. Generally, you do not need to enter the account and password for the website. Click "Next" (next step) to continue.

Figure 4

Congratulations, when you see "Congratulation !" You have created a teleport PRO project. Next, when you press the "finish" button, the system will ask you if you want to store the teleport PRO project. Please click the "finish" button in, in the Save dialog box, select a name for the project you just created. Teleport stores the project, creates a folder with the same name as the project, and stores all downloaded files in this folder. When you want to run this project, select the start command in the project menu or press the eighth blue triangle button from the left on the toolbar.

Figure 5

Save the new project name and run the project (see the preceding method ). You will see the image.

Figure 6

As shown in, we can clearly see the website file download process of teleport pro. The buttons on the right side of the toolbar are shining. The bottom status bar displays the current download status. The column on the right clearly indicates the filename (file name) and type (type) of the downloaded file), size (length), date (date), URL (original URL address) and other details.

After the project is completed, teleport pro will tell you how many files are read and how many files are stored on the local hard disk.

So far, we have used the project genie to download a website. Double-click the downloaded HTML file in the downloaded folder. You can use your browser to browse the downloaded website offline.

Simple settings

Teleport can work well without any setup, but it still provides some very necessary setup options for our convenience.

1. Proxy Server Settings ):

Many companies use proxy servers to provide Intranet users with access to the Internet to control the rational use of network computing. The proxy server settings here are useful. Click "file-> Proxy Server" in the menu, as shown in.

Figure 1

Another purpose of the proxy server is that you may encounter some sites that cannot be accessed directly or the direct access speed is very slow. Using the proxy server can better solve this problem. If you have a better and faster available HTTP proxy server, you may wish to perform this setting in teleport pro. Enter the address (proxy server address) and Port (port) as needed. If the proxy server requires a password, you also need to enter the Proxy account (proxy server account), proxy password (proxy server password account ). Finally, do not forget to make connect to the Internet through this proxy server (connect to the Internet through the proxy server) take effect. Click "OK" to approve the proxy server settings.

2. Free Space limit)

Sometimes a website may be very large. In addition to the restrictions on the number of download layers mentioned earlier, we also need to restrict the available space for downloading files here to prevent the downloaded files from breaking your hard disk. Teleport pro stops running when the total number of bytes of the downloaded file reaches the limit value set for the remaining space.

3. Set the start address

Figure 2

As mentioned above, using the teleport project genie, we can easily browse the website offline. However, the settings in teleport make the process of downloading the website more convenient.

Select "project" à "Starting address properties". The setting screen shown in is displayed.

For example, when you are sure you want to download the URL of the website, you can refer to the following "exploration depth and scope" (exploration depth and boundaries) in settings, determine the maximum number of connection depths from the following identified addresses to explore pages, but not too far.

  • Addresses that begin with: starts from this address.
  • Anywhere within the path of external links: any location of the external connection (this is the most boring setting. We recommend that you do not select this, any page connection, you may not be able to download the entire website ).
  • Files up? Links away from any external: the maximum number of connections to a file from any external connection point.

If you need authentication to access the site, you must enter the account name and password.
Advanced Settings

Figure 1

  1. Summary: Content summary,.

This is the details of the project: including the project name, the last run time (this project was last run on MM-dd-yy), the number of pages that have been read (pages read) files retrieved, bytes retrieved, database size, and starting addresses ). Select "autosave the project database every? "Seconds" means that the downloaded files are automatically saved at each interval you set during the file download process.

  2. File Retrieval: File Retrieval,.

In the settings window for project object capturing, you can specify the object type and size.


  • Retrieve all files stored t those more? Kilobytes in size: Retrieves files with a length not greater than the specified number of kilobytes. If it is set to 0, there is no file length limit.
  • Retrieve only files of types and sizes (in kilobytes) listed blow: retrieve only files of the file type and size (kilobytes) listed in the following list. You can add (press the "add" button on the right), edit (press the "edit" button on the right), or delete (press the "delete" button on the right) file types.
  • Retrieval modes: Set the retrieval mode.
  • Retrieve embedder files (e.g., graphics and sound files): Retrieves embedded files, ratios, or sounds.
  • Retrieve background graphics: retrieves the background image.
  • Retrieve Java applets: Retrieves a Java application applet.
  • Retrieve only file names: only file names are retrieved to generate site ing, but files are not stored.

  3. browsing/tracing ing: browsing and ing,.


  • Always save HTML pages: always save HTML pages.
  • Replicate the directory structure of remote servers: copy the directory structure of the remote server.
  • Use MSIE-compatible filenames (appends. htm to HTML files where necessary)
  • Linkage System: Connection System settings.

    • Localize links for All retrieved files: Convert all retrieved files to local connections.
    • Link for unretrieved files: connect to files not retrieved.

      • Link to a message file that explains why the file was not retrieved: connect to the description file about why the file cannot be retrieved.
      • Link to the Internet address for the file: The Internet address of the file.
      • Link to a place where the local file will be stored: connect to the location where the local file will be stored.


  • Link Using 8.3 filenames: connect to use the 8.3 file name (discard the long file name in hypertext)
  • Relink all files in the project folder now: Immediately reconnect all files in the project folder.

  4. Exploration: Exploration options,.


  • Advanced links: Advanced connection.

    • Using e server-side image maps (by pinging the map ever? Pixels): explores the server-side graphic map.
    • E frame source files: source file of the exploration frame page.
    • Lead e forms (where possible): explores possible areas.


  • Tenacity: Force Execution.

    • Launch up? Retrieval threads: Maximum number of retrieved clues.
    • Abort threads that show no activity for more? Seconds: How many seconds does it take to discard the clue and display that the operation cannot be performed.
    • Retry denied requests up? Times; retry incomplete files 5 times: the Retry is rejected


  • Updating: update.

    • Update only good files: only updated files.
    • Update (retry) only bad files: Only update or retry bad files.
    • Update both good and bad files: Update both good and bad files.
    • Update HTML files: Update HTML files.
    • Update embedded files: Update embedded files.
    • Update Server-side maps: Updates server-side graphics maps.
    • Update all other files: update all other files.

  5. exclusions: Exclusions,.

This is a required option to set exclude to capture files: note that the exclusion option will take precedence over any settings of the project.


  • In the previous section, if you do not want to store the network or the files connected to the webpage, enter a keyword in the specified area. For example, "crack; teaching; hacker". Separate the keywords. After this setting, the page will not be stored unless these pages contain some keywords you set.
  • You can set some files that match your specified dos naming type and do not retrieve them. For example, "*. Avi; *. dat". Similarly, these types are also separated.
  • In the following section, you can set to not follow any connection or collect files from the starting position of any part in the list. You can use * and? Wildcard characters, such as "http: //" and "ftp ://*". Each type of address is separated offline.

  6. netiquette: Network Specification,.

Is the window for setting network specifications. You can set the "Identity" disguise of server requests and teleport. Because some servers have defined that offline browsing software for this type of connection is denied.


  • Enable Domain dispersed querying: starts the Domain Server's eviction inquiry and crosses across different servers to distribute connection requests to prevent transmission stagnation when a server is slow.
  • Enable server overload protection: Enable server overload protection to automatically reduce the number of data requests sent to slow-response servers at the same time.
  • Obey the robot exclusion standard: follows the exclusive criteria of the query program to prevent teleport from accessing a website marked by a network administrator as prohibited.
  • Wait at least? Seconds between requests to the same: You can set the number of seconds to wait before sending a request to the same server.
  • Agent identity: identity proxy. In this setting, you can assume teleport as anonymous, teleport pro, MS-Internet Plug E, Netscape Navigator, and other roles, and you can even specify other browsers and versions.

  7. Advanced: Advanced Settings,.

Is to set the automatic action when the project starts and ends.


  • Automatically begin running this project when opened: automatically starts execution when the project is opened.
  • Run for no more? Minutes: the execution time of a project cannot exceed several minutes.
  • Run continuously when project stops, run again after waiting? Seconds: the number of seconds after the project is stopped.
  • Exit program when this project stops running: exit the program when the project stops running.

Project schedule

Creating an offline download project is indeed very easy. However, for some sites with frequent updates, it is too inefficient to manually run each time. Teleport pro is considerate. In addition to providing page download tools, it also provides a schedule (project table) program that allows you to set site projects that need to be updated regularly (or sites that need to be regularly downloaded) in this way, the project runs automatically at the specified time.

Figure 1

Select "project"> "Schedule". The window shown in appears when you set the project for the first time. First, you must confirm the project you want to add to the project scheduling. If the project has been created, you can select the created Project by pressing "Browse". If you want to create a new project, click "new" to start the project wizard and guide you to quickly create a project. Enabled allows you to select whether to make the project take effect.

Figure 2

After selecting the project to be added, you can set the automatic running interval for the project. For example, you can choose to run the program on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

Figure 3

It is the project parameter setting. You can set the running command, limit the total running time, and select Auto-compare. If "Disconnect when finished" is selected, automatic Disconnection will occur after the project is completed. In this way, you can dial up the Internet completely automatically, retrieve the updated webpage, and then automatically disconnect.

Figure 4

For example, this is the full picture of the project table that has been added to a project. Simple interface. For existing projects, we can see the following details at a Glance: Project name, schedule, parameters, final run, and final result. You can easily use the project Table tool button to operate the project. From the left to the right, click "activate Project", "add Project", "Project Schedule", and click "delete project.

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In the use of teleport pro, due to the large number of requests sent to the server (up to 10), it is the killer of bandwidth preemption, especially when you start teleport to pull the site while browsing other websites, You can obviously feel that other programs cannot get the bandwidth at all, it can be seen that teleport pro is indeed a little "bandit behavior", I do not know whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage. Especially when you share a connection with others, pay special attention to courtesy, so as not to affect others' Internet access. If it is a leased line, you need to use this software for data collection, please try to use the time schedule function, try to use the free time of the network for download. (Full text)

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