Olympic gold Big quiz, win college good Gift

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The four-year-old Olympic Games are Rio in full swing, and Chinese Olympic athletes are vying for the highest glory of the Olympic Games. In this 8 months of national Carnival , in addition to the Chinese Olympic athletes refueling, applause, of course, there is a passionate prize quiz!

Prophecy, this is a sub-problem! Speed and college bacteria drying up, participate in the quiz, but also a good college gift, you take!

Event Time: 8 months 12:00~2016 year 8 month Day

Guessing rules:

guessing the total number of gold medals accumulated by the Chinese team at the date of the Olympic Games (whichever is the end of the day), and comment on the reply to this post can participate.

For example: "Daily quiz" China gold medal number is 8 + Adzuki bean bag (51CTO user name)

Selection Rules:

  1. the publication format must be "daily quiz" China gold medal number is XX +51cto user name ;

  2. daily quiz Cut-off time is before the next day , the number of Chinese gold medals is the next day. , and daily only one quiz per ID ;

  3. Malicious water reply, release yellow, gambling, poison and advertising information to cancel the participation qualification;

  4. Do not participate in a trumpet or vest, and will be disqualified once found.

  5. The daily quiz results are published in the "Sina Sports Complete Medal list". Enquiry Address:Http://t.cn/Rt9JZo4

  6. each The ID can get up to 2 lucky guess prizes;

Event Rewards:

    1. College bacteria will be on the day all the correct users, select 3 Lucky guessing friends, won the Lucky Quiz award " RMB course coupons and Credit Package" a copy.

    2. guessing the correct 5 users will have the opportunity to get the "IT book " sponsored by the Bowen Viewpoint a book.

How to receive your prize:

    1. The daily quiz results will be published on the next day at 51CTO Academy official account "IT Fine Course" as well as this blog , please pay attention to the 51CTO official public number, as well as the event's award-winning news.

    2. winning friends, please on the winning day before the 18:00 , in response to the form of customer service QQ:400851965 and collect the prizes. A friend who has not received the same day will be void if it expires.

Tips for events:

  1. The event share in, 5 likes , will be sent to the Academy customer service QQ :400851965 , a first-come-first-served, one-time, one- off voucher package is available to the top- five participants .

  2. In addition to the previous participants, all participating friends can send a reply to the College customer service and receive a "one- credit package" , Limited to one time .

Prizes Show:

no threshold of 2 0 Yuan Coupon Zhang

(Expires 5th from the date of collection)

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Four book of it books sponsored by Bowen Viewpoint

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/85/DF/wKiom1etNAexnDlJAAKct4atMcY615.jpg "title=" Active book display. jpg "alt=" wkiom1etnaexndljaakct4atmcy615.jpg "/>

1. Key technical analysis of the LARAVEL framework

2. Linux Greenhouse Command Hundreds (up)--Documents and texts

3. Towards angular 2: typescript-based high-performance SPA framework

Credit Package

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Prophetic Emperors, the time has come to test you, to join in the fast speed!

The right to interpret this event is 51CTO College All

This article from the "51CTO College Official Blog" blog, declined to reprint!

Olympic gold Big quiz, win college good Gift

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