On F8000 LCD TV, how does one set the voice of an external audio device?

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The digital optical fiber audio cable must be connected through the [digital audio output (optical fiber)] interface. See the following figure for the appearance:


Use the [audio output] interface to connect to A-to-2 audio cable. See the following figure for the appearance:


Here to connect Samsung cinema home HT-F9750W as an example, demonstration set voice operation method:

1. Connect the prepared audio cables as shown in the following figure. (Note: Select one of the audio cables .)




2. Press the [more] Key of the TV remote control, select [tools], and click the TouchPad. This article demonstrates how to use the smart touch remote control. Click here to view how the F8000 series LCD TV uses the smart touch remote control.



3. Select speaker and click touchpad.


4. Select the [external speaker] and click the TouchPad.


5. continuously press the function TV/program source key of the remote control of the home theater. Each time you press this key, the display screen of the home theater will be changed in the following order: [BD/DVD]-[D. IN-AUX-HDMI1-HDMI2-FM-BT ]. The digital optical fiber audio line connection stops when "D. IN" is displayed. It stops when "AUX" is displayed by means of "1 minute and 2 audio lines.


After the above operations, the TV sound will be sent through the Home Theater Speaker.

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