On four factors influencing the trust degree of website domain name

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The Domain name Trust degree affects the website ranking, we often can see some websites because of the domain name weight high, the history long rank is very near before, and many large-scale trusts the high level website inside the page ranking is also very ideal. Since the site Domain name Trust degree to the site rankings have so far-reaching impact, then how can we improve the trust of the site domain name? below A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnostic team (http://seo.admin5.com/topic-seo.html) The following are the common factors that affect the trust degree of website domain name:

website content quality and update frequency

The most core site domain name Trust degree is manually selected, perhaps you will say the search engine according to the algorithm to judge, but the most core of some sites or by manual selection audit, search engine algorithm may be fooled people, but search engine algorithm is not, and content is the soul of the site, affect the overall quality of the site and Domain name Trust degree, Therefore, if the site updates are some original quality content, and often updated with their own update frequency, then not only users like, pick people like, search engines will also like.

 Links from other sites with high degree of trust

If your site domain name time is relatively short, is just registered soon new domain name, but there is a large number of long history of high trust sites linked to your site, then, your site domain name will naturally be more and more popular search engines like, even if the artificial selection will feel even if there are so many high degree of trust sites with you to do the link, Willing to link your site, then your site will not be poor to where it? This is also the normal psychology of mankind, search engines are no exception Oh!

 Domain name length of time

The length of a site's domain name directly affects the trust of the domain name, just registered one-month domain name with the registration of five-year domain name, then, regardless of search engine algorithm how to calculate, artificial how to choose to believe that the results are the same, it is impossible to say that you have just registered a one-month domain name than the registered five-year old domain name Trust degree, This is why so many SEO people like to use the old domain name to do the reason for the site.

 Server Response Speed

If your site in a relatively stable and fast server, search engine every time to crawl is very smooth, can be normal crawl, then the search engine will naturally more and more like your site, search engine like, often come, your site Domain name Trust degree also slowly increased. Conversely, if your site is on a very spam server, often appear to open the phenomenon, search engine spiders can not enter your site every time, sometimes still need to wait for a break time, reaction speed is very slow, then, your domain name Trust degree will not be good where to go, will cause the search engine spider's annoying feeling.

The above is A5 Webmaster Network SEO Diagnosis Team and the vast number of webmaster friends on the impact of the site Domain name Trust degree of major factors, but also the most common factors, in the next article will also affect the domain name of the detailed factors to be introduced, but also hope that friends more attention. Reprint please indicate the source www.tangshijun.com

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