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Do not know how many webmaster is to understand the SEO industry after the site is a can be entrusted with a lifelong road, many of us are trapped in doing this do not know whether to move forward in the future of the industry, there are a lot of webmasters have encountered such an embarrassment: relatives and friends to ask your career, when you start proud of the answer: " I am doing the internet industry "or" I am engaged in it ", relatives and friends of the basic 80% will think you are computer city installed computer, said SEO this industry outsider's eyes belong to a very mysterious occupation, for stationmaster, Lengnuanzizhi, this so-called" future occupation "in the end there are several ways to go? Today we say," said the Tao. "

First, SEO drudgery

This kind of personnel should be to do the most common type of seoer, because although they seoer hat, but often is a person and procedures, art, optimization, promotion and even the work of customer service, often to sleep late into the night, but this kind of people are not never able to head out, Because a lot of doing SEO this job is to do "SOHO" a family, to their own time has a full grasp, can not be subject to a variety of restrictions, said this mode of the way only to find a batch mode, such as station group Automation, You can status quo when you have your own set of proprietary tactics and solutions: First of all, you have mastered the quality of the station group resources, so whether to sell links or do outside the chain optimization are very take advantage, so that their own orders are not tired, long tail of the single will soon do up, so the drudgery phase is the only way to each SEO, Only by being a good laborer can you understand whether you choose the right future.

second, marketing type Seoer

This direction of the personnel requirements are generally competitive advertising operations experience, in fact, such as Baidu bidding these ads are and seoer can coexist, because Baidu since the Phoenix Nest system, even if the auction is not who money more than who will certainly OK, will pay attention to keyword skills, Then you need marketing type seoer to grasp, let alone put on the through train, Taobao's through-train operators are more advanced seoer, but they are for Taobao this internal engine rather than the engine of the environment, so marketing-type SEO must have a very flexible mind and the market is extremely keen sense of smell, In the exchange of clues with others to find "fat sheep" the taste of accurate hunting, the general network trading company for the driver are very generous treatment, the future is very good.

Third, the strategy type Seoer

This kind of direction of personnel are often very meticulous operation techniques, generally applicable to large companies, these companies do not pursue overnight and once and for all, they with different business direction more want to have a stable overall scheme to the steady, for example, all kinds of classification information station, for these stations do not have a particularly clear keyword, Then ask the optimizer to pay attention to the long tail and grasp some of the potential hot topics are not easily found to optimize, according to my observation in the financial site, flush optimization is very talented, it should be a strategic SEO team.

iv. Management Type Seoer

This is already the highest level of seoer, that is, the legendary director, said the director and the following coolie exactly what is the difference? is the director of the direction, strategy, marketing steps, coolie to carry out, we can see that if the direction of the problem then you must be bad, the same as before the hard work, In fact, the final optimization results in the head of the director has formed a very big chess, do not know stationmaster saw the "sea pianist" This film did not, the protagonist "1900" in the piano when actually no longer is a person but fusion for the keys themselves, So the director needs to be responsible for the role of each player in this game is clear, I only need to sit in the "handsome" position on the sidelines on it, our seoer always feel that the leader is not the director of light, because he is his plan you do not even think about, when one day you can see 10, Just think about what it is like in 100.


The above four kinds of seoer talent in fact each stage is relatively lack of, but a lot of seoer still stay in simple orders above, sometimes to open up a little thought, to do things in the long run, although short-term will eat some losses, but in the long run will have effect. This article by whitening freckle Product Network http://www.yg33.com webmaster writing, reprinted trouble Annotated Source, thank you.

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