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Stock Buying experience (method class 80)

The first: Do not wait for the lowest price to buy, because the stock price may have started to pick up when waiting, do not wait for the high price to sell, because in the waiting, the stock price may have started to fall.
The second: not to buy after the rally, not to throw after the plunge.
Article three: The trick is to invest in the bull market and sell all the stocks at the end of the bull market or near the end.
Fourth: The purpose of stocks is to make money from the stock market, but to make money does not mean that you can make money. Must do the right thing in the right time, make money is just the result. Because you do the right thing at the right time, so you get rewarded.
Fifth: Often people say: "A buy on the set, a cut on the rise." "The reason for this is to chase up the buy, deep sell caused by the fall."
Sixth: Long-term investment should be good in the economy, select a good performance shares actively involved, once involved, for a prolonged period of holding.
Seventh: Many times to buy, left with money, to avoid buying after the stock price fell again and wireless in a lower purchase dilemma.
Eighth: When the opportunity does come, be bold and quick to enter.
Nineth: The day disaster caused the company's huge losses caused by the stock price collapse, can buy, because our country isSocialist country, one side has the difficulty p plus support, soon will return to normal, the stock price also must rebound.
Tenth: The price is much lower than its value of stocks to be bold absorption, for the price is far higher than the value of the stock to be resolutely abandoned.
11th: Stock investment to profit, the first task is to avoid risk, as far as possible to reduce losses and errors, so as to improve the probability of successful investment.
12th: According to the deep Shanghai stock market trend, the holding time in one year 4 months, the holding time 8 months is the best policy; holding time is equal to the time of holding money for the Chinese policy; holding time is 8 months, holding the money time 4 months is the worst way; a year to the end every day to do short-term will be defeated.
13th: When the stock is sold, make a decisive act, and never hesitate.
14th: The market is not clear when determined not to enter, rather lose the opportunity, also do not do wrong market.
15th: Will Buy is apprentice, will sell is master. To learn to buy stocks, it is more important to master how to sell stocks.
16th: The bad news comes out, the fall does not fall when the good news came out when the rise does not rise when watching empty.
17th: The price of high and low is always relative, higher prices may also have more high prices, lower prices may also have lower prices, can buy at the lower price, the second high-priced sell can be, do not need to buy the lowest price, sell to the highest price.
18th: The poor performance of the garbage can also allow speculators to benefit, the key is to see whether the timing of intervention is appropriate.
19th: The purpose of the stock investment is to make money, as long as the goal, earn and run, and then rise up without regret.
20th: When trading is light, the stock price is often in a lower position, at which time the purchase should not be sold.
21st: Actively participate in the secondary market IPO placement, can not give up any favorable opportunities.
22nd: Look at the trend to make a lot of money, look at the small potential to make a little money, see the wrong situation to lose.
23rd: Losses are blindly chasing up, blind cut the meat caused.
24th: Wave handspike Fall, marching wave forward. High-level shipments, deep open positions.
25th: The two cities of the phenomenon is particularly obvious, Blue rose after the second-line shares rose, second-line shares rose after three-tier shares rose, high-tech and new shares after the asset restructuring shares rose.
26th: Whenever the stock market through the negative fall to the sharp decline, market sentiment from pessimism to panic, at this time it is the best opportunity to enter the goods.
27th: Buying time is important. When the time is right, buying a garbage stock can also make a profit; When the timing is wrong, buying blue will be lost.
28th: Buy the development potential of quality and good growth stocks, and then leave the stock market, waiting for harvest.
29th: Trading stocks to follow the trend of operation, in the upward trend, every time the return is a buying opportunity; in the downtrend, each rebound is a good opportunity to sell.
30th: Buy stock Only a few too many not easy to manage and may rise, fall, more difficult to obtain concentrated profits, at the top also difficult to liquidate.
31st: Sell should be decisive, buy not impulsive. A good way to overcome impulse is to bury the prices in batches.
32nd: The number of investors who can run the rhythm of the stock price is always the minority, most investors are not sold on the floor is bought on the ceiling.
33rd: If the bad news everyone knows, you can consider the partial purchase as, because the bad has been digested in the trend. If the good news is well known, do not buy because of good, because the stock price has already risen, the buy all bought.
34th: If the share price falls through the support line, the volume increases and the stock price bounces back to the support line, which is an excellent buying opportunity.
35th: If the stock investment to obtain a certain profit, the profit portion should be taken out, leaving the original investment to continue to operate.
36th: Any good performance blue also have a fall, buy time judgment wrong, so deep hold up.
37th: Hand-held blue ready for long-term investment, see the price of sudden rise, a change in the initial decline, timely shipment, profit rich. Long-term investment, short-term operation, homeopathy, is wise.
38th: The holding of stocks must be sold in a timely manner, at the same time, to take the floating profit into the actual profits, blindly waiting to sell to the highest price unrealistic.
39th: When the city is not good, go for the best policy, can not hesitate.
40th: Sudden windfall profits, short-term increase too large, the profit disk is bound to be huge, profits back to spit pressure will eventually cause the stock price downward callback, this time should be settled in time, drop bag for Ann.

41st: Break through support and resistance level, need to have 3% breakthrough amplitude and 3 days to effectively confirm.
42nd: Sudden good news occurs, the rally strong should buy.
43rd: Investors should try to buy stocks at the bottom of the region and at the beginning of the upward trend.
44th: The theme has not been poor, conversion faster, grasp properly, will have a rich return.
45th: Any rally in the bear market is an opportunity to escape; any return to the bull market is a buying opportunity.
46th: Bear stock to be careful, shipments to fast, the bull stock to fast, caller to slow.
47th: Select stocks in the election, the first carefully selected stocks, waiting for the opportunity to buy in batches as the best method.
48th: Select stocks first, make money is easy, choose the wrong, lose money easier.
49th: The selection of stocks is not as good as the time to enter the most important. When the public talk about the discoloration of the stock, you can enter, when the public talk about the excitement, you can play.
50th: Want to profit in the stock market, you must improve their ability to analyze and judge, on their own level to make money is the most reliable.
51st: The next trend in the stock price sharp or plunge away from the 10th moving average buy time.
52nd: The fall has been a long time, the downturn is extreme, the sudden release of major positive rapid full-time investment in the leading stocks of excellent technology.
53rd: First learn to buy in batches, and then learn to sell decisively.
54th: People with analytical ability, you can choose one or two good growth stocks, low suction high throw, rolling operation, long stock section speculation, the benefits of the same.
55th: Some people buy today, sell tomorrow, keep up with the hot market, frequent operation, earning Petty, accidentally, high hold, the deeper the deeper, short-term change long-range, is not cost-effective.
56th: Some investors should sell the time to buy, and when the purchase is sold, resulting in the purchase after being locked up or sold after the nadir.
57th: To master the ratio of holding the goods, regardless of the market after the breakout of the board to run, there are better profit opportunities.
58th: To believe the trend, try to seize the opportunity in the upward trend. Stay away from the downward trend and participate less in horizontal trends.
59th: Performance losses or even insolvent garbage stocks, buy the right time, but also to obtain a wealth of profits.
60th: Because most of the stock market is losing money, so the majority of people's opinions are wrong, when the market one-sided to counter its way.
61st: Use your own detection of the critical, according to their own set of ancient buy and sell, training their patience, pay attention to the market to provide the danger signal, you embarked on the right way to stock.
62nd: should always pay attention to the movement of the leading stock in the plate, in order to better grasp the market hot spots.
63rd: Always hold part of the cash, do not put all the money into the stock market.
64th: In the bullish trend, the fall amplitude 30%~50%, if the fundamental does not obviously turn the ring, can buy.
65th: In the bull market, prices fall back to the original, the price stability increases, can buy.
66th: In the Bulls market, the current day of the candlestick chart is a small yin line, the day is the increase in the price and is twice times the number of days before the volume, you can buy this stock, the future will have long red.
67th: When the stock market is extremely confused or the decline is very large, the proportion of open positions should be larger. Conversely, the market has been very hot, an astonishing increase in the hands of the chips should be gradually reduced, the proportion of cash should be increased.
68th: It is important to set up the take profit point in the ascending way, it is a big jump for you, and it has nothing to do with you, the cooked duck will always be yours.
69th: In the bear market, the master often look empty, the trouble hurriedly slip, in the bull market, the master often see more, tightly cover the stock does not relax.
70th: Sell when the public is most frantic, and buy when the public is most pessimistic.
71st: The rally in the rally gratifying, but not yet reached the target price, and so impatient and quickly unbearable, it is best to pay the bill, and then leave the field for a rest, calm the excitement of the mentality.
72nd: Do t+0 operation under the t+1 condition. A part of the funds to buy an active stock, when the return of the position, the same day when the increase in profit to sell the same amount of stock, repeated operation, the benefit is better.
73rd: Before you can not judge the prospects of the stock market, it is best to wait until the situation is clear only then take action, follow the trend of the market go.
74th: When there is good news, buy immediately, once the message has been confirmed, immediately sold; When the bad news comes out, sell immediately, once the message has been confirmed, buy it back immediately.
75th: In the serious overbought, should be closed in time, in the serious more sell, to dare to absorb.
76th: In the absence of full certainty, investors can take a partial buy and spread the method of buying, which can reduce the risk of buying.
77th: Between the selected stocks should be bought as the mainstream subject matter of the stock and give up the no subject of the stock.
78th: At the top of the area should be less in the fun, the best way to avoid the downward trend.
79th: As long as a good grasp of the appropriate holding the currency ratio, waiting for the trend after the formation of large-scale decision-making, the rise and fall have the opportunity to profit.
80th: Make money or not, often depends on the timing of buying. If it goes up in haste, it is often regretted afterwards.

Stock buying experience (mentality class 88)

The first article: not only to follow the trend, but also to follow the main players, while at the same time to prevent the dealer carefully designed traps.
Article Two: No matter the bull market, bear market, the general investors almost all the money to buy the stock, which is the majority of shareholders loss of a major cause.
The third article: No matter what stock has the opportunity to profit, also have been locked up or even loss of time, the key is how to seize the opportunity to buy and sell.
Fourth: should not be near the resistance level lest nadir and the head disorderly buy, also cannot in callback to support the position and afraid hold hurriedly to chop a position. Stepping on the wrong beat can cause distraction and loss.
Fifth: Do not be blindly optimistic when the stock price rises and get carried away, lest in the high tide suffers the long-term hold-up pain, when the stock price falls also should not excessively pessimistic, lest sells in the low position nadir suffers the loss.
Sixth: Do not conform to the same, not everyone sought after popular stocks, you also sought after popular stocks.
Seventh: Do not expect to copy the lowest point, waiting for the bottom shape after the mature and then buy a lot, lest in the decline by the lowest point in the hold.
Eighth: After the boom, it must be a slump. Rise high, Fall deep, rise fast, fall faster.
Nineth: Impulse to buy fast, often quilt cover suffering, hesitate to sell, often beaten by loss.
Tenth: Fry never quilt is impossible, because the initiative in others hands, set you did not discuss. But stocks can not lose, lose not sell, because the initiative in your hands.
11th: Fry not only to be able to endure, more important is to be steady and ruthless, do not be greedy don't be afraid, don't hurry don't drag.
12th: The success of the stock is not successful, to see study and practice hard work.
13th: Stocks must use their own idle funds, lose does not matter, mentality is good but can win.
14th: Stocks The most afraid of greed, can be profitable, but because of the insatiable and be caught in the other is.
15th: A wise man is always bold when most people are rushing to get enough, daring to take it when most people are pessimistic and desperate.
16th: The operation of the stock not only need to have a correct forecast of the company's future, but also need to take decisive action, the shot will be shot, indecision may lose the opportunity, only a decisive moment to seize the rare opportunity.
17th: Short-term operation must have a wealth of experience in the stock market, the ability to react to the stock can do independent judgment of the wise.
18th: When considering buying a stock, do not wind impulse to buy, today can't buy, and tomorrow.
19th: When other people's stock rose special rise, and his own stock is not up, and so very impatient, at this time is often the dealer ready to pull up.
20th: When others are afraid, you should try to be interested in it, when others flock out, you should beware.
21st: When the upward trend of the stock price has been confirmed, some people in the heart also very clear, but is unwilling to buy, missed good opportunity, so regret unceasingly.
22nd: When the temptation to resist the rise, or the fear of falling, it is best to go outside the market to distraction.
23rd: When the big city decline is very deep, bad news, everyone frustrated, it is the darkest hour before dawn, is also the best opportunity to enter the market, the light is in sight.
24th: When everyone is applauded for a stock, it is the day of dispatch.
25th: When people in the streets are talking about how easy it is to make money in the stock market, big cities tend to be close to the top.
26th: When ordinary investors feel fear, the bear market is usually nearing the end. Fear makes people play when it comes to entering.
27th: When almost all people are in the stage of pessimism and even panic, it is the best time to buy.
28th: When the fall is tied up, to be firm confidence.
29th: Anger is the most unhealthy psychology, in a fury, easy regardless of 3,721, all into the whole out, the buy not buy, the sale does not sell, the result will be defeated.
30th: Bold, careful, self-confidence, patience, strong, decisive is the stock must have good quality, and greed, fear, impatience, recklessness, indecision are the bad heart defects will be defeated. To win in the stock market, we must keep the good quality and overcome the bad psychological defects.
31st: All hope that their own stock has strong Zhuang stationed, can be quickly pulled up, to enjoy the fun of the car ride. But also afraid of the dealer a shipment, his misfortune was high hold, difficult to roll over the day.
32nd: Anyone suffering from severe psychological deficiencies such as greed, fear and impatience must undergo arduous cultivation to survive in the stock market.
33rd: The stock market is like Battlefield, victorious unrealistic, occasionally failure is inevitable. But after the failure to learn, do not make repeated mistakes.
34th: The stock market is changing rapidly, volatile, to win in the stock market, we must remove greed, fear, impatience and other negative bad habits, cultivate bold and careful, patience and decisive good psychological quality.
35th: The stock market such as battlefield, thousands of people gather stock market, who want to win unwilling to lose, this need wits, the strong survive the weak is eliminated.
36th: The most pessimistic moment in the stock market is often the best opportunity to enter the market.
37th: The stock market is fair and brutal, the wise make great profits, the fool cuts the meat.
38th: The stock market is where experienced people get a lot of money, and people with money have a lot of experience. The accumulation of experience in the stock-making process is difficult and painful, and those who are lazy, unwilling to move their brains and those who want to get rich quickly have no room for survival in this line.
39th: The stock price plummeted, to think calmly, and then act, because the stock market plunge, often caused by rumors, if not calm, easy to sell to lower prices.
40th: A single throw, lose reason, lose red eyes, desperately a bo, sooner or later to lose the naked.
41st: Take profit to close, and then accept, drop bag for Ann. A bird in the hand is better than a flock of birds in the forest.
42nd: Resolve to join the sea, not to lose a chance and annoyed that the stock market will always have many opportunities.
43rd: After observation, the retail people killed and cut meat, most of them are to chase up, because look at the stock of others rose and jealous, to buy have no money, so just cut meat chase into, so toss one or two years, will lose all.
44th: Opportunities come, don't hesitate, don't be too cautious. Good opportunities are not always there, do not hesitate, the shot when the shot.
45th: Adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to, when perseverance can not persist again, patience, patience, and patience, when patience can not endure, miracles tend to happen in this case.
46th: To abstain from arrogance, modesty makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind. When the sale of the heart, do not be complacent.
47th: Impatient mentality prone to chase high kill low cycle.
48th: After considering the mature must have the determination to persist, must have the patience to own decision-making, does not suffer the change factor influence. With an optimistic attitude, patiently waiting for profit, to become the last person to laugh best.
49th: Bad news came, like the fall does not fall, it should be bullish; good news came, the volume does not rise, firmly bearish.
50th: Before dawn is always the darkest, can endure this part of the world, can see the light.
51st: Buy Don't look down, fall not regret, sell don't bullish, rise not annoyed.
52nd: Buy stock should have like in the bank to save the mentality, a year down can have more than the bank interest rate of income is contented, have a normal heart, may get unexpected gains.
53rd: Simulation operation of the stock to win the reason is particularly good mentality, a normal heart, set deep no worries. Once the actual operation, the mentality has changed completely. So the simulation operation and the actual operation is completely different, must not because the simulation operation profits considerable and proud.
54th: The crazy rise when the lone bet will lose no doubt, when the bottom of the plunge to make a big glass of money.
55th: The dream of a wealthy man must fail.
56th: Patience is very important, winning in the stock is to a large extent the money to make patience.
57th: Patience is the key to win, confidence is the guarantee of success, frequent stock swap is the performance of impatience and lack of confidence.
58th: The victory and disgrace of life is related to psychological quality, to be successful in the stock market, must have a good psychological quality.
59th: If even the working people to fry stocks, then, the stock market is about to jump to the end of the market, the collapse of the market is coming.
60th: If the big city is not good, you'd better not buy anything, Ann sit still. It is a terrible thing to make money idle, but you must learn to endure.
61st: If you always want to buy today, tomorrow will rise or even rally, every day want to ride a black horse, often end up a hope big disappointment big result, even without, lose the total.
62nd: Patience is a virtue, investment should be good at waiting for opportunities, can't help but the performance of unstable mentality.
63rd: Although the hands of money, but to endure the itch, patience to wait for the opportunity to enter the market, to lay the foundation for winning money.
64th: Holding hold in the hands of the stock is not advanced, the real buy time is like a hunter saw the prey and the gun is no bullets anxious.
65th: The first success is the mother of failure, the first time to buy and sell a large wealth of new investors, particularly easy to get carried away, in the end often ruin.
66th: Lose money not lose mentality, there will be the hope of turning over, winning the complacent, waiting for the failure.
67th: Dig into the wrong rhythm, chase high kill low deep cause, is only a greedy two fear caused.
68th: Many disasters in the world are caused by greed. Many investors often lack of talk, has to wait until the satisfaction of the high-priced to throw, the results often backfire, from profit to loss.
69th: Greed and fear is a human weakness, is the big taboo of investment.
70th: Greed and poverty are very similar words, talk about poverty is greedy, too greedy is poor.
71st: Greedy people in the bull market always want to buy at a lower price, and in the short market always want to sell at a higher price, so often miss.
72nd: Investment is better than speculation, some people would have been ready to invest in the stock market after being affected by the surrounding and unwittingly into speculation, eat all the pain.
73rd: Investors in the best efforts at the same time, more toward the bad, lest the loss of the rush. People who are bent on making money tend to backfire.
74th: Investment stocks can not be too high expectations planted, to maintain a broad mind, and calmly treat the profit and loss, in order to obtain better returns.
75th: Invest in stocks do not embrace a sudden big wealth of speculative psychology, the dream of a wealthy man must fail.
76th: Every day to the stock market to work, the spirit is always in a state of tension, the stock market's rise and fall are affecting people's hearts. In order to increase profits and frequent operation, hoping to seize every tiny opportunity, are greedy in the lose, sooner or later to lose all the money without return.
77th: Play stocks to be rational, judge to be correct, action to be decisive, always keep a sober mind.
78th: The greedy people trapped in the long trap, more in high-level hold-up, trapped in the short trap of the timid, more in the low position.
79th: The mentality of the unstable people, sometimes buy blue, garbage stocks and the reorganization of the subject and the crazy rise of the tug, can not help preface, tears cut meat for shares, buy Legion restructuring subject stocks, but often the best a stick.
80th: The heart of the anxious dryness, want to windfall, impulse chase rise kill fall, will be trapped in desperate, a defeated road.
81st: The mentality is good, shares the sea such as the beautiful fairyland, the mentality is bad, shares the sea as boundless misery.
82nd: Mentality first, technology second, wisdom above all.
83rd: The heart is anxious to dry, want to windfall, will be trapped in desperate.
84th: Want to make a big money greedy people do not enter the stock market, doomed to be gambled.
85th: Many investors have the problem of vanity, lost a lot of refused to say, afraid of losing face, from nine to win in the pick out of the poor one to win big talk about the record, everywhere publicity, resulting in the stock market's money-making effect, unconsciously lured more new investors to the market.
86th: People who are steadfast in their faith will never cut meat to feed others, and time can be unpacked without having to cut the meat in a flustered way.
87th: People who have advanced knowledge, generally are relatively lofty, often do not bear the money tricks of others, so it is difficult to make money in the industry.
88th: A coward with insight without guts, but judge a stock after a long-term decline has fallen can not fall, is at the bottom of the valley, but not the courage to buy, wait until the rise, regret Mo class, have the courage and not to see the reckless Han, only by the courage, Hu buy disorderly buy, which stocks rose to buy which, often buy
Buying experience (Risk class 35)

Rule number One: there is a risk in any business that contains unknowns, and almost all industries in the world are at risk. Stocks are affected by an unknown number, so the risk of doing stocks is huge.
The second article: do everything has the risk, but always adhere to the valley into the peak of what risk, lose a penny determined not to sell, do not sell will not lose. Playing stocks is simple, just buy at the weekly low, and sell at the top of the week line. But if you want to send a big fortune and go after the rise and fall, chase high kill Low, that is more than the risk of doing things much larger.
Article three: The stock market is the mentality of the wits of the place, the strong survive, the weak to eliminate.
Fourth: The stock market rose up and down, chasing up the fall of the stock of friends batch down, the back of a batch of new investors rushed to, before the subsequent, very tragic.
Fifth: Stock market risk and profit coexist, fear of risk, do not enter the stock market, only take risks, not greedy, careful and decisive people can achieve success.
Sixth: Stock market is high-wind high-yield investment market. There are risks everywhere in the stock market.
Seventh: Stock fluctuations have never been a pattern, it in the fall, always give you a small rebound, give you a glimmer of hope, so you feel the decline has begun to turn. When the stock goes down again, ready to cut the meat, it comes back to a small rebound, to tie you back.
Eighth: Party A wins the money Plus party B loses the unwilling and zero game called 0 and the game. The expansion of the stock market and the handling fees are paid by party B, party B's total capital amount will inevitably decrease, so the stock market is negative and game, which is the stock market has a major cause of risk.
Nineth: Fanaticism is always a hotbed of risk, and the downturn is always an opportunity for profit.
Tenth: Fluke is the culprit of increasing risk, hesitation is the culprit of missed opportunity.
11th: The use of their own surplus stock, not to surpass their technical ability to enter the market, can not borrow goods, also can not for relatives and friends to fry, because once the loan expires, once the relatives and friends need money, when there is a loss, the inevitable impatience take line, the consequences of unimaginable.
12th: Coal-trading stocks like ghosts in front of investors dangling, attracting people to chase up, the results often lose very miserably.
13th: Buy stock timing is the first step to control risk, but also an important step.
14th: Farmers spring planting harvest, investors low suction high throw. Farmers take the wrong beat, no-no, the stock of the wrong beat, all the same.
15th: Avoid borrowing money when the stock market is hot.
16th: Cut into addiction, earn when appetite open, want to earn more, compensate and unwilling heart, want to bring back, carefree matter instead become naught.
17th: If the stock market volume is large, but the index does not rise, or the opening is higher, the closing is low, this is a dangerous signal.
18th: If the flow of the crowd, it will often enter the market, low point out of the city, because the stock market is negative and the game, the risk is great.
20th: Retail investors in the stock market by the expansion, cost and the three aspects of the banker surrounded, for the expansion and costs who can not resist, for the dealer could fight a fight. The disadvantage of the retail investors is the heart is not qi, if the heart, ants can eat elephants. Retail investors are more likely to be in the stock market because they are like a dish of sand, more like a banker's plate of Chinese food.
21st: Good use of the hands of the purple Taurus, know better to collect and not reckless, usually can control risk, in the stock market for a long time to survive.
22nd: Investment in the stock market, the risk of self-made, make money complacent, the loss of their own, political any country is the same.
23rd: Investors should be fully prepared for possible losses, pay attention to risk prevention. And the victor to abstain from arrogance, not to be complacent.
24th: 5th RSI is less than 10 o'clock, the risk is limited, can be bought in batches here in order to rebound profit.
25th article: Plain sailing is easiest to plant a somersault, because did not have a big setback, thought the stock market money is good, self-righteous master, the risk consciousness indifferent, relaxed vigilance, once met big waves, it is likely to be swallowed up.
26th: When someone cuts meat, others have meat to eat. The stock market is made to earn money by making meat cuts.
27th: should be at any time to be aware of risk and to the extent possible to minimize the risk.
28th: Because the innovation is high when buy will also rise, innovation low buy point will fall, so people like to buy up not to buy the fall. In fact, the decline in innovation is much larger than the low space for innovation. If the low-innovation stocks are thrown out to chase the high-innovation stocks, there will be a slap on both sides.
Sacral 29: There are many people who have made a lot of money in the stock market, but few of them have ever returned. They tend to be victory until they get out of the stock market miserably.
30th: Buying stocks at the beginning of an uptrend is the best time to buy stocks at the end of the uptrend, with the risk of buying stocks at the top, most of which are locked up in the region.
31st: Stop loss, stop loss and stop, cut the meat, cut meat and then cut the meat, it is foreigners master and Desperado in high-rise when the coup, insurance funds and honest people can never follow the study, otherwise the consequences of unimaginable.
32nd: The chase rises and falls, the risk is big, needs to establish the stop loss, otherwise returns to be annihilated, the chase low kills the high, the risk is small, needs to establish the take profit point, otherwise the profit will fault.
33rd: Chase high Chase High after high, stop loss stop stop, cut meat cut meat and then cut the meat;
34th: High up the method of filling the position is not advisable, ten to one it will fail. Some people see up high, the heart of excitement, hate to buy less, so to fill the position, or even borrow goods overweight, the results are often added to the high, the original can be earned money diluted, even caused losses.
35th: All day follow the wind and rush the risk of the market in and out, will be engulfed by the waves. Learn to watch the stock market, not to see the rabbit not to spread the eagle, not to buy the trough, to remain invincible.

On the experience of stocks

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