On the hero Kuan Kung to make wine in the city of Cao Chei

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  On the hero Kuan Kung to make wine Chei but said Dong Cheng and so asked Maarten Yue: "Public want to use who?" "Maarten Yue:" See Yuzhou pastoral Liu Xuande Here, why not ask it? "Cheng Yue:" Although this person is the uncle, this is attached to the devil, Anken this matter yes? "Teng Yue:" I view the yard in the night before, Cao, when he welcomed the audience, the clouds in the Xuan de behind, a knife to kill, Xuan de to Visual. Xuan de not do not want to figure, hate to do more teeth claw, fear than ears. When the public tries to seek it, it shall be answered. "Wu Yu Yue:" This matter should not be too fast, when calmly deliberated. "The crowd is scattered. The next night, Dong Chenghui, the path to the Xuan Tak mansion. Door officials into the newspaper, Xuan Tak, please sit down into the small court. Guan, Zhang stand on the side. Xuan de Yue: "Guojiu were night, there will be an accident." "Cheng Yue:" Day by Minamisoma visit, fear to see doubt, so night meet. "Hyun-tak lives to take wine." Cheng Yue: "The night before the yard, the cloud long to kill Caocao, the general moving head and back, and why?" "Xuan Tak lost Surprise yue:" How does the public know? "Cheng Yue:" People are not seen, some alone. "Xuan de can not conceal, then Yue:" Shedi see exercise, so don't feel angry ears. "Cover face and Cry Yue:" Imperial court, if as long as the cloud, what worry not peace! "Xuan de is the devil to make him to test, is pretend Yue:" Cao Prime minister, why worry not peace? "Bearing the color of the beginning Yue:" The emperor of the Han Dynasty, so Hapa to tell the public, what cheat also? "Xuan de Yue:" Fear guojiu have a cheat, therefore phase test ear. So Dong Cheng take Obi Dahir View, Xuan de grief. And the righteousness is presented, there are six: one, the general Dong Cheng of the car, the second, the Ministry of Vice minister Prince Clothing, three, the long Water captain Species series, four, the discussion Lang Wu Yu, five, real faith General Wu Zilan, six, the west Cool prefecture Maarten. Xuan de Yue: "The public is not only in the decree to beg thieves, prepared to dare not effect compensation." "Humbly, please book the title." Xuan de also book "left General Liu Bei", bet the word, Sheng received. Cheng Yue: "Chamjon again please three people, copolymerization Ten righteousness, to the traitor," Xuan de Yue: "Cut should slowly implement, not lightly vent." "Discuss to just before dawn, don't go." Xuan de also anti-Cao, on the Xia Chu after garden vegetables, personally watered, thought Shing. Guan, Zhang Yue: "Brother don't pay attention to the world big things, and learn the things of the villain, what also?" "Xuan de Yue:" This is not the second brother know also. "The two of them are no more words. One day, Guan, Zhang not, Xuan Tak is after the garden pouring vegetables, Xu Yu, Zhang Liao cited dozens of people in the park Yue: "Prime Minister has life, please married will do." "Hyun-Tak surprised asked Yue:" There is very tight? "Xu Yu Yue:" I do not know. Just teach me to please. "Xuan de had to follow two people into the House to see the exercise." "Do good things at home!" said the joke. "Sallow." The hands of the Xuan Tak, until after the garden, Yue: "Xuan Tak Learning Nursery is not easy!" "Xuan de just assured, answer Yue:" Nothing to spare ears. "To speak:" suitable to see the plum trees, suddenly feeling the last year when Zhang Embroidery, the road on the lack of water, soldiers are thirsty; ' The sergeant smells, the mouth is spit, and it is not thirsty. This is the best day to see this plum. Also worth cooking wine is ripe, so invited married small pavilion a meeting. "Xuan Tak Mind the square set." With the small pavilion, the bottle zu has been set up: Dish of ome, one bottle of boiled wine. Two people to sit and drink. Wine to involves, suddenly cloudy misty, gather rain will. From the Human points outer dragon hanging, and the Xuan de railing view. Married: "Do you know the change of dragon?" "Xuan Tak Yue:" Unknown its details. "To Speak:" The dragon can be small, can ascend can be hidden, the big Xingyun spit fog, the small is hidden in the form of hidden, the rise is soar in the universe between, hidden lurking in the waves within. Fang Jinchun Deep, long time change, the people of Judah and the breadth of the Sihai. The Dragon is the thing, the hero of the world. Xuan Tokuhisa Calendar Quartet, must know present soberly hero. Please try to refer to the words. "Hyun Tak Yue:" To prepare the naked eye of the hero? "Yue:" Hugh Modest. "Xuan de Yue:" Prepared jutting grace, be in the DPRK. The world's heroes are unknown. "Speak:" Neither knowledge of its face, also smell its name. "Xuan de Yue:" Huainan yuan technique, the soldier food is prepared, can be a hero? "Laugh," said Grave, "I will seize the sooner or later!" "Xuan de Yue:" Hebei Yuan Shao, iv three public, Mendocino so the official, this Tiger Jizhou place, the men have a lot of people, can be a hero? "Laugh Yue:" Yuan Shao color 厉胆 thin, good conspiracy without break, do big things and cherish body, see small profit and forget life: Non-hero also. Xuan de Yue: "There is a person named eight-June, Granville Town Kyushu: Liu Sheng can be a hero?" "Liu Biao said:" The fame is not real, non-hero also. "Xuan de Yue:" There is a person blooded, Jiangdong leader-Sun BURFU hero also? "To Speak:" Sun is not a hero by the name of the father. "Xuan de Yue:" Yi State Liu Jiyu, can be a hero? "Yizhou said:" Although the Department of Imperial clan, is to keep the dog ear, what foot for the hero! "Xuan de Yue:" such as Zhang Embroidery, Zhang Lu, Han and so the generation of all? "Clap and laugh," said the drab assortment mediocrities villain, Hezuguachi! "Xuan Tak Yue:" Beyond this, the preparation is not known. "To speak:" The hero of the husband, ambition, the abdomen has good plans, there is the space of the machine, the world's ambition to huff and puff. "Hyun Tak Yue:" Who can be? "To the fingers of the Xuan de, after the finger, Yue:" Today under the hero, but married and ears! "Hyun Tak smell words, eat a surprise, the hands of the key chopsticks, do not feel fall in the ground." It was raining and the Thunder was on the sky. Xuan de is calmly bow to pick chopsticks Yue: "A shock of the Wei, and so on." "Laughing:" The husband is also afraid of thunder? "Xuan de Yue:" The Sage Thunder Wind will change, Ann is fearless? "Will hear the words lost chopsticks sake, lightly disguised." I don't doubt Hyun-tak. Posterity has the poem Praise Yue: "Mian from the tiger-like temporary body, you said hero surprised kill." Skillfully borrow Corellai disguise, and the letter as God. "Days rain square live, see two people crashed into the garden, hand-held sword, burst to pavilion front, left and right blocking not live." The view of the Zhang is a matter of Guan and Chen. Originally two people from outside the city archery side back, listen to Hyun de was Xu Yu, Zhangliao Please will go to, flurried to the house inquire; Smell said in the back garden, only fear of loss, so conflict into. But see Hyun-tak and the exercise to sit drinking. The two men stood by the sword. Ask the two men to come. Cloud Chang Yue: "Listen to the prime Minister and brother drinking, special to swordplay, to help a smile." "Laugh Yue:" This non-hung gate will, Ann with Xiangzhong, Chamber? "Hyun-Tak also laughs." Fan Kuai: "Take the wine with the two yajing." "Guan, Zhang Baixie." A moment of scattered, Xuan Tak resigned to return. The Cloud Chang Yue: "Nearly frightened killTwo of me! "Xuan De to fall chopsticks things said and Guan, Zhang." What is the meaning of guan and Zhang? Xuan de Yue: "My study nursery, is to make the operation know I have no ambition, do not even refer to me as a hero, I was surprised to fall chopsticks." And afraid of the suspicion, so fear of thunder to cover the ears. "Guan, Zhang Yue:" Brother really brilliant! "The next day, please Hyun-tak." Drinking room, people reported full pet to Snoop Yuan Shao and back. To call into question. Pet Yue: "Gong Sunzan has been Yuan Shao broken." "Xuan Tak Urgent asked Yue:" Would like to smell its details. "Pet Yue:" Peko and Shaoxing War unfavorable, build the City Circle, the circle built building, 10 Zhang, the name Yue Yi, Ji 300,000 to self-shou. If the soldiers are out of the house, or if they are surrounded by people, please save them. Peko Yue: ' If save a person, after the war only hope people save, refused to Sizhan. ' Then he refused to save. Therefore the Sao come, many have the descending person. Peko potential solitary, so that people hold books to ask for help, not halfway for the Shao army won. Peko and the suicide note Zhang Yan, dark about lift fire as the number, Liyingwaige. The next book man was Yuan Shao grabbed, but to the outside of the city set fire decoy. Peko since the fight, ambush four, the military horse folded its half. Retreated to the city, was Yuan Shao into the ground into the peko of the downstairs, put on fire. Peko did not walk, first killed his wife, then hanged himself, the whole family were burned. This Yuan Shao won Peko army, the momentum is very prosperous. Shao-yuan operation in Huainan arrogance extravagant excessive, buxu civilian and military, all backs. The technique makes the person belong to Dili in Yuan Shao. Shaoxing want to take the seal, surgery about personally sent to, see today abandoned Huainan want to return to Hebei. If two people work together, distress recover. Beg the Prime Minister to make an urgent plan. "Hyun Tak smell gong Sunzan has died, remember the former recommended his grace, greatly sad, and do not know how Zhao Zilong whereabouts, worried." Because I thought to myself, "I'm not going to find an escape at this time, but when?" Then got up and said: "If the operation of Shao, will be from Xuzhou, please a military halfway interception, the operation can be captured." "Laugh," Yue: "Tomorrow, even if the emperor revolted." "The next day, Hyun-tak face playing June." The juring of the governor of the 50,000 men, but also poor, Lu Zhao two colleagues. Xuan de Emperor, the emperor wept to send it. Hyun Tak to the house, starry night to clean up the Army horse, hung the general seal, urging the line. Dong Cheng drove out 10 miles changting to send. Xuan de Yue: "Guojiu ning Resistance." There must be a life to be reported on this trip. "Cheng Yue:" The public should pay attention to, do not negative emperor heart. "Two people respectively." Guan, Zhang immediately asked Yue: "Brother emergence, why so panic?" "Xuan de Yue:" I was caged bird, net fish, this line such as fish into the sea, birds Qing, not by the fetters of the cage network! "Because of fate, Zhang urged Juring, Lu Zhaojun Masuk." Shingua, Cheng Yufan test more than Qian Liang Fang back, know Cao has sent Xuan de stationing Xuzhou, panic into the advice Yue: "Why did the prime Minister to Liu Bei overseers?" "Yue:" to intercept yuan surgery ear. "Cheng Yufan Yue:" Liu Bei for Yuzhou, some such as Please kill, the Prime Minister does not listen to, today and the soldiers: this put Dragon into the sea, go also. What can be done to cure it? "Guo Jia Yue:" The Prime minister does not kill prepared, also improper to make it. Ancient Cloud: The enemy, the eternal suffering. Look at the Prime minister. "The words, so that the Xu Yu will be 500 soldiers to go, Chase Hyun de turn." Xu Yu Promise and went. But said that Xuan de is line between, saw behind dust head suddenly, say, Guan, Zhang Yue: "This will Cao soldiers chase to also." The camp, so that the Guan, ZhangMilitary device, stand on both sides. Xu Tianzhi, see Bing whole armour, is dismounted into the camp see Xuan de. Xuan Tak Yue: "What does the public have to do?" "Chu Yue:" In the life of the prime Minister, special please general back, do not have deliberation. "Xuan de Yue:" will be outside, June life has not been affected. My face is too June, but also the Prime Minister June language. There is no such thing as this, and the public can speed it back and give me a reply to the Prime Minister. "Xu Yu Ponder:" Prime Minister and he has always been very, emergence and did not teach me to fight, had to his words reply, another restorative approaches. Then he resigned from the dark, and brought back the soldiers. Later, the Devil, bewitching the words of Xuan de. Operation hesitated pending. Cheng Yufan, Guo Jia Yue: "Prepared refused to return to soldier, know its heart changed." "said:" I have juring, Lu Zhao Two in his, material Xuan de may not dare to heart change. How can I repent? Then he did not chase Hyun-de. Posterity has a poem sigh Xuan de yue: "Bunch of soldiers mo Horse go hurriedly, heart read words obi in." Smashed iron cage fled the Tiger Leopard, the golden lock to walk the dragon. "but said Maarten see Hyun Tak has gone, side newspaper and urgent, also back to West Liangzhou." Xuan de soldiers to Xuzhou, Thorn Shi families. After the feast, Sun Hu, MI aulympic and so on are all to see. Hyun Tak home to visit the youngest, a policeman Snoop Yuan technique. The Scout Returns: "Yuan operation extravagant too, Ray thin, Chenlan all cast Songshan mountain go." The operation is very bad, is a book let Dili in Yuan Shao. Shao-Man called the operation, the operation is to clean up the horses, Gongjin queen of Things, first to Xuzhou. "Xuan Tak know yuan surgery will be to, is to draw off, Zhang, juring, Lu Zhao 50,000 army out, is facing the pioneer spirit to." Zhang Fei did not speak a word, but he took the spirit straight. Dou No ten, Zhang Fei shouted a shout, Thorn bqnqet under the horse, defeated run. Yuan operation from the army to fight. Xuan de suited three road: Juring, Lu Zhao in the left, off, Zhang right, Xuan de from the center, with the operation, in the door scold Yue: "You reverse the way, I now in Ming decree come to beg you!" Thou shalt be do anything surrender, and be free from your criminals. "Yuan surgery scold Yue:" Weaving table Sandals Junior, Ann Dare to light me! "The Nano came to the army. Xuan de temporarily retreat, let left and right two way army killed out. Kill the Army corpses, Cheng, pawn escape, not win. Also by the Songshan Thunder thin, Chenlan Rob to Qian Liang forage. To return to Shouchun, and was attacked by group thieves, had to live in Jiangting. There are more than 1000 people, all of them frail and infirm. When the ambient, the grain to do absolutely, only 30 Hu, the allocation of sergeant. The family has no food, there are many starving people. The operation is too coarse, can not swallow, is life kinmen people take honey water thirst. Kinmen people said: "Stop there blood, Ann has honey water!" "The operation sits on the bed, shouts loudly, pours in the ground, spits blood to fight to die." Shi Jian June 4 also. Descendants have poetry Yue: Sword from the Quartet, unprovoked yuan surgery too rampant, do not think lifetimes for the public phase, then want to be alone as emperors. The Great Seal of rape, arrogance and extravagance twaddle Chengtianxiang. Thirst for honey water hungry, one-bedroom empty bed hematemesis died. Yuan surgery has died, nephew Shanyin will coffin and his wife ran Lujiang, was Xu Xian to kill. 璆 won the seal, to Xu are offered in Cao. Operation Exultation, seal Xu Xian for Gaoling. At this time the seal belongs to the operator. But said Hyun-tak know yuan surgery has lost, write Table Shen, the book is Cao, make juring, Lu Zhao back Xu, leaving the military horse conservative Xuzhou, one hand out of the city, recruit the people resumption scattered. Say then juring, Lu Zhao back Xu see Cao, said Xuan de left army horse. Anger, DesireChop two people. Xunyu Yue: "Right to Liu Bei, two people also have nothing to do." "It is forgiven." Hongyu and Yue: "Can write books and Chei on Neatline." "From its account, the dark make people come to see Chei, preach Cao June." Abdominal immediately asked Chen Deng to discuss the matter. "It's a very easy thing to do," said Gordon. Liu Bei out of the city to recruit people, will soon also, the general can life sergeant on the Barbican side, only to pick him up, to the arrival of the horse, a knife cut, a city on the post-army, the big thing. "Abdominal from it." Chen Deng later father Chen Gui, prepared to say the matter. GUI the first to inform the Xuan de. The father's life, the Pegasus to the newspaper, is facing the close, Zhang, reported that so. The original closed, Zhang Xian back, Xuan de in the post. Zhang Fei heard that he was going to fight. The cloud chief said: "He barbican to me, he will lose." I have a count, can kill Chei: by night disguised as Cao Army to Xuzhou, lead Chei families, attack and kill. "Fly in its words. The army of the original Caocao, Shi all the same. Night shift, to the City side disciples. The city asked who, the public should be Cao Shu difference to Wenyuan. reported that Chei, abdominal urgent please Chen Deng said: "If not welcome, sincere fear of doubt, if families, and fear of fraud." "Abdominal is the Uptown reply:" The night is difficult to distinguish, Ping Ming meet. "The City promised:" Only the fear of Liu Bei know that the disease quickly open the door! Chei hesitated, a sound outside the city called the door. Chei had to dressed horse, lead 1000 troops out of the city, ran over the drawbridge, shouting: "Wen far where?" "In the firelight saw Yunchangti knife longitudinal horse straight to greet Chei, shouting:" Bastard Ann Dare to cheat, want to kill my brother! "Chei big surprise, the war does not count together, cannot hide, the horse will return." To the edge of the bridge, the city Chen Deng the arrows, Chei around the city and walk. Yunchang came, hand up a knife, cut in the horse, cut ere level back, Wangcheng on the call said: "Anti-thief Chei, I have killed, and so innocent, surrender to avoid death!" The armies surrendered, and the army and the military were both. Yunchang will abdominal head to meet Xuan de, with words Chei to harm, this has been beheaded. Xuan de big surprised Yue: "If Caocao come." Alternative "The Cloud Chang Yue:" younger brother and Zhang Fei greet. Xuan de regrets unceasingly, hence into Xuzhou. And the people, the fathers, they answered. Xuan Tak to the house, to find Zhang Fei, fly has Chei the whole family killed. Xuan de Yue: "Kill the man who is a confidant, how Ken Hugh?" "Chen Deng Yue:" Some there is a count, can be returned CAO. "It is: both the lone away from the tiger, but also a clever smoke signals." I do not know what Chen Deng say, and listen to the following decomposition.

The hero Kuan Kung to cook the wine Chei the city to make a profit!

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