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With the increase of domain name registered users, the. com suffix of the short good memory of the domain name resources near exhaustion, and the second choice of net/.cn/.org and other domain names to do the portal site is also a thing that everyone has been accustomed to. In order to find a shorter and more consistent with the site name and location of the domain names, personal owners in recent years began to use a lot of the original not mainstream domain name suffix, such as. info,. CC,. tk,.in, biz,.co,.tv,.la and so on. In particular, personal blog, domain name suffix is a variety of. Then the use of different domain names, for Baidu included will have an impact?

Now Baidu for. Com/.net and other commonly used domain names included very fast. A new website, there is a certain original content, the appropriate hair some outside the chain, will soon be included. Baidu is more friendly to org domain names than COM domain names.

CN domain Name in 07, 08, because the introduction of a piece of money registration discount, the use of. cn domain name becomes one of the most economical construction station choice. After that, a large number of garbage station groups use the. cn domain name. The emergence of a large number of refuse collection stations, making Baidu for the. cn domain name has become more cautious. It is obvious that people feel normal station use. cn domain name is not as good as. com high. However, later. cn domain Name registration fee return to normal, and, personal registration is limited, make. cn domain Name The threshold is high, the overall quality of the website of CN domain is also relatively improved. Now Baidu for. cn Domain name included also has been normalized, a lot of webmaster response weight than. com good.

Suffix. gov.cn as a branch of the. CN series, because it is the particularity of the government domain name, so there is no negative factor such as the garbage station group. and Baidu for. Gov.cn also more trust. However, only the government, agencies and other institutions to facilitate the registration.

. info because GoDaddy launched a cheap registration discount, about four or five yuan can be registered to a. info domain name, therefore, many do station group and garbage station webmaster friends and aim at it. The overflow of the garbage station group, let Baidu to the favor of info greatly reduce. Now, although the discount on the "info domain" has been reduced, the discrimination of the domain name of the "info" seems to continue. A new info domain name, normal to do the site, probably need half a month to be included in Baidu. The weight of info station will be lower than. com.

The above domain name by the Baidu discrimination example, is the domestic stationmaster likes to choose the cheap domain name result. And a more extreme example is. tk free domain name, let countless people want to do the site, do not want to do the site to start registering TK to play. The rubbish station is extremely flooded, this also caused last year Baidu almost completely does not collect. tk domain name. Countless use of TK domain name webmaster, overnight included results were cleared zero. So far,. TK is still considered to be not included in the domain name suffix Baidu.

Some of the other more normal price of the non-mainstream suffix domain name, Baidu included or more normal. Seems to be able to see a rule, that is too cheap, the use of the threshold too low domain name, easy to lead to garbage station group flooding. And such a domain name, there will be not popular search engine results. For the owners are not well-off, this is really a regrettable phenomenon.

We can not change this law, but also to advise the registered domain name webmaster in the case of economic permission, as far as possible to choose the price of the normal domain. Free domain names like. tk, not recommended, unless you plan to let your site do not have Baidu search traffic.

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