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Web Page Center

As a result of human physiological characteristics, in a layout, people feel the center is slightly higher than the actual geometric center, we call it the visual center, which is why in a layout, the main text and graphics are often placed in the middle of a little position of reason, should recognize that, In the layout, this area is the most beloved area of the region compared to the lower or the marginal area.

However, this is not all designed to be the same as the layout center in the visual center of the location, on the contrary, smart designers often use various methods, the layout center deviated from the center of Vision in order to achieve a new eye-catching effect, they or the use of large space, or through the layout of the direction of movement, color purity, lightness contrast to emphasize , foil, thereby highlighting the layout center.

Painter Pan painting is to do so, he is an anti-traditional painting in the middle of the main frame of the practice, with a line outlined by the blank large stone filled with a frame, the screen of the main body-eagle or flowers on the edge of the picture. This bold and exceptional spirit deserves our reference.

Page ratio

The formal principles of beauty exist in various categories of art, site production is no exception, good Web site production must adhere to these design principles, will be the United States in the Web site production, Web site production of the principle of the page in the 12 section, but you should be aware of: the page in the production of the principle of the page is explained separately, In order to facilitate the in-depth study of each topic, in essence, they are complementary and inseparable, usually, these web design principles are both contradictory and unified coexistence in a Web page.

Section one the proportion of Web site production

The proportion of the United States is the basis for successful web design, good page header, menu, page and bottom of the reasonable arrangement and choice, the first depends on a good proportion!

Since ancient times, the public believed that the most beautiful ratio is the gold ratio (gold Division)--1:1.618. Take the One-second of the AB segment as the vertical line and point B to Bo, take O as the center, Bo for the radius of the circle and AO to the point c,ab for the long side, AC for the short edge, their ratio is gold ratio.

There is also a standard of beauty that arises in Germany, we call it the German standard ratio. The diagonal of a square is a long edge, the side of the square is a short edge, and the rectangle that makes the arc (as above the right) is the German standard ratio. Its generosity, simplicity and impartiality, used in web design, can make people feel stable and reliable, is indeed a proportion of the United States standard.

The use of good proportion is the result of the comprehensive and flexible application of artistic accomplishment and aesthetic appeal in website production.

Page orientation

In the layout, the word line, the word group, the picture arrangement all exists some kind of movement sense of direction, we will summarize it as horizontal, vertical, tilt three categories, horizontal line and the direction of sight movement consistent, so that people feel stretched, comfortable, as if the vast calm of the earth, and vertical line and view up and down the movement is not as flexible and comfortable, Vertical movement reminiscent of the lofty and solemn activities of the memorial card, the inclined lines are full of dynamic.

As the two lines move gradually towards the selection, we call it convergence, and when they intersect, they form a corner, and when the line of sight slides along the sides of the angle, it stops for a moment and then moves along the direction of the angle, which is why many of the signs use arrows.

Still in one situation: When two converging lines stop before they intersect, the sight of people unconsciously continues to move toward the "converging point" along the dotted line that exists.

In a layout, the direction of convergence usually leads to the more important center of the layout, instead of leading to the marginal position of the edge, it distracts attention from the subject. But with one exception, when the angular group is processed, the different directions of multiple angles form a beautiful and varied underside, at which point the sense of direction of a single angle is greatly diminished, It doesn't matter how distracted the subject is.

Web page Segmentation

The segmentation in Web page making is one of the most basic, ubiquitous layout principles. There are two kinds of segmentation: 1. Transverse division tillage, 2. Longitudinal division.

The transverse segmentation is a two-dimensional, plane, in a Web page, arbitrary line of words, then intentionally or unintentionally there is a division of the problem, that is: a line is divided into two paragraphs, the ratio between the two paragraphs is the problem of the United States, in essence, it is a proportion of the problem. such as version and Folio ratio is divided, line spacing, the establishment of the word distance is also divided, every word of the design also exist segmentation. In a Web page, the multi-level and meticulous segmentation will be organized into a unified and coordinated whole.

Vertical segmentation refers to the deep segmentation of the depth of the Web page, so that the two-dimensional plane has a three-degree space effect, like a landscape with clear close-up, soft medium, soft vision. The formation of these levels, the first decision on each level and the blank layout itself, and then the contrast of the color purity of the impact. Usually this level of comparison called the three-point method, the three-way layout of the primary and secondary clear, fresh and beautiful, to avoid the primary and secondary, disorderly situation. The contrast between the various levels can be strong and weak, they can be combined into an endless variety of emotional layout, but experience tells us that too many levels often affect the layout of simple, clear temperament, concise and less hierarchical segmentation is often more popular.

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