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Although the webmaster do not like to do outside the chain, but you have to admit that the chain is the impact of the decision to determine the ranking of the key factors, so the webmaster can only "involuntarily" to do something do not love to do. In the final analysis, everyone is to eat for a mixed meal, wronged himself is nothing.

Today we talk about the strategic principles of the construction of the chain, that is, some of the macroscopic things. The so-called strategy, it represents you in the process of construction in the chain should grasp the general direction, to do "strategist." Finding the right direction, and then to take concrete refinement of the method to operate, is definitely better than aimless rampage.


 Correlation degree of external chain

As we all know, the chain is actually a voting mechanism between websites. Each link to your site is counted as a vote, but the ticket is completely unequal to the ticket: your site is about music, and there are two links from another music class site and a game station, apparently from the music site that link to appear more "professional", such a vote for the search engine is also more convincing.

So, outside the chain more from the website related to your site, can appear to you in the field of the site is more "professional"-because the peers are linked to you, that is, peers to vote for you, the search engine took for granted that your site in this industry is authoritative.

 Second, outside the chain weight

This seems to be a cliché, to continue to use the above "vote" to explain: different voter status is different, some status is higher, some are lower. Like people, what your boss says naturally works better than what you say. High-weight site links, natural than the low weight of much better.

A long time, high weight of the site to point to your links, more than a link to a new station to be more useful. This is also very good understanding, if all the site export links to the same effect, then do SEO only need to build new stations to do links on it, it is obvious that the search engine can not be two to this extent.

  Third, the external chain source of extensive

If your site has 100 external links to another site, you can assume that both sites have 100 votes. But your site's 100 tickets come from one voter, while the other 100 tickets come from 100 different voters. This is equivalent to a person said "your site is very good" said 100 times, and the other site is 100 people, everyone said "This site is good", I believe the gap between the two is very easy to understand.

It is not difficult to imagine, those who spend all day only in a few forums, relying on the post to earn the chain of webmaster, their efforts are not worth it. Outside the chain is too narrow source, only a limited number of places to get links, a lot of course will not be useless, but the effect is far less than actively expand the external chain source channel-although the latter may be less than the total number of chain. Moreover, the wide degree of the chain is too simple, there is a huge risk: in case you in that forum ID is blocked, or the forum is k, then your site will do? From this we can also get a conclusion that the value of the whole station link is not particularly high, but also bring a huge hidden danger--Take the link to this site, The number of your chain will decrease.

Do not put eggs in a basket, this sentence on the SEO in the construction of the chain, really is the wisdom of the word.

 Four, outside the chain form diversification

What's your chain? are all from the home page of other sites? The weight is good, but it is too unnatural. are all from blog comments? This is a very bad link with very low weights. All from the forum signature? This kind of outside chain of the spider is similar, expect it to bring the weight of ascension is not realistic.

What is our favorite outer chain? Of course, a large number of different sites from the high weight of the chain, but this means that there is no need for those low weight, not anchor link and just text, even with nofollow links? Of course not, advanced SEO requirements of nature, To let the search engine can not see your site has SEO traces (although this is almost impossible), and in addition to the site internal optimization strategy needs adjustment, the construction of the chain also need to reduce artificial traces. The chain form is various, the high and low weight collocation, the most natural.

 Five, outside the chain stability

If a person praises another person on the first day, but the next day he has changed his mind, will his first day of praise still be convincing? Obviously the beginning of the praise has no effect, and there will be counterproductive. Outside the chain is also so, today you get from a website where a chain, search engine saw, think that the site is voted to support your site. But the next day, the search engine suddenly found that the site's link has disappeared, such as being removed or deleted, the search engine will not be polite to the effect of this chain removed, or even cut your weight.

What kind of chain is good? Of course, the stability of the chain is good, the longer a chain, in addition to its original part of the role, its long-term value will be reflected (search engine will certainly consider this). And the instability of the chain to the site to bring only hidden dangers, your site will be deeply hurt.

  Vi. long-term construction of outer chain

Three days of fishing two days is not a good work attitude, outside the chain of construction is also so. Want to let the ranking of the site overnight up may still be a bit possible, but want to make a good ranking and long-term stability, then adhere to the long-term do outside the chain construction work is indispensable.

This may also be outside the chain work the biggest difficulty, although a lot of seoer and stationmaster are quite perseverance has perseverance, but can stick to do outside the chain is very few. Of course, it's not a strict requirement that you spend hours on the outside chain every day, but at least do it every week for a few months or even years, and the search engine will give you feedback on your job rankings and traffic.

Vii. Distribution uniformity of the outside chain

Many people put a lot of energy and money in the construction of the outside chain, but the effect did not reach the expected, and even by the search engine down the right, which has an important reason, is that he did all the chain point to the homepage of the site-this is the chain of construction of the big taboo. Admittedly, for most sites, the home page is the most important and most need outside the chain, but this does not mean that the inner pages do not need outside the chain. Just imagine, what is the original purpose of the chain? Is that other people in the discovery of your site valuable content, so use the chain point to this page, it is clear that the chain all point to the home page is very unscientific. And, if all points to the home page, does this mean that your site's pages are completely worthless? What does the search engine give you weight?

A few years ago, the teacher for the home page with the number of pages outside the chain of a 8:2 of the argument, with everyone on the understanding of SEO, search engine algorithm improvement and the internal page long tail keyword status promotion, the proportion of the inner page outside the chain should continue to ascend. And what kind of proportion, each person should be based on their own site positioning and traffic conditions to decide.

The strategic principle of the construction of the chain, for the time being say so much first. Although it is not specific practices and details, but it is also important to know these principles, can give you the direction of the chain work, to avoid doing some useless. In fact, these "strategies" every point, can continue to refine the study, I will continue to write a write, of course, the specific tactics of the construction of the chain will not fall.

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