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In each of us in the bottom of our hearts, all want their own computers are different, if there is no way to different, but also try to set a different effect, such as Win7 theme can be different, wallpapers, sounds, icons ... And the screensaver, which is the screen saver.

In Windows7 's own screensaver, "bubbles" are loved by everyone. Perhaps you do not know, Win7 in addition to the default bubble screensaver, but also hides a different, more dazzling "upgrade version" bubble screensavers, that is, the soft medium of the "colored Balls" screensavers.

Figure 1:win7 Bubble screensaver with self

Figure 2: Hidden pom-poms computer knowledge

To experience the style of the pom-poms in Figure 2, we just need a few simple steps.

First, the manual method:

1, run the Registry Editor. (The Rubik's Windows System Toolbox can also be opened!)

2, navigate to the branch in turn: Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionscreensaversbubbles

3, in the right window of the right mouse button, a new "DWORD (32-bit value)", named "Materialglass", and then double-click "Materialglass", in the pop-up window, enter the value "0"

4. Save changes Exit Registry Editor

Second, a key to achieve

Open Win7 Optimization master inside the landscaping master, click the theme screensaver settings, haha, see what?

Well, the enhanced bubble screensaver, that's it.

Is it simple?

Well, like a friend of their own hands-on settings to experience it! Small set to remind friends, when changed the registry, the default bubble screensaver will be colored ball screensavers instead, if you want to change back to the default bubble screensaver, just want to remove the new value of the above is good. Or use the Win7 optimization Master's Landscaping master to remove that tick.

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