One-click Restore Wizard version of the installation and Professional edition of the Difference

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The use of a key Restore Wizard and a wide range of users, and a key Restore Wizard has a variety of versions, in the end which version is the user headaches, and a key Restore Wizard installed and professional version of what is the difference? A key Restore Wizard is a number of system backup and restore class software to use more than one software, However, on its official website, the discovery is divided into several versions of the installed version, Professional Edition and Vista version. What's the difference between those versions? Vista version is not much to explain it, Vista system dedicated.

One-click Restore Wizard The difference between the installed and Professional Edition

The main difference between the installed and Professional editions is that the backup files are stored in a different location.

The Professional edition is to store the system backup files in a hidden folder.

The installed version is to store the system backup files in a hidden partition, so that the backup file is more secure, the general brand of computer recovery function is to use the same method.

When you use one-click Restore installed version of the backup, then one-click Restore from the hard disk to set aside some space to create a hidden partition, so in the Windows system to see their hard disk total capacity will find a little less, of course, this hidden partition can be viewed with the partition software (PQ).

One-click Restore Wizard installed and professional version of the difference everyone should know what it is, in fact, the version of the different just to meet the needs of the public. Comments: Whether the Professional version or installed version, the ultimate effect is to backup and restore their own operating system, and this article is only to give you the question, lest download the time do not know download that version.

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