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Upgrading the built-in firmware program (firmware) for DVD recorders has always been one of the ways to improve burn quality and burn disc compatibility. Typically, a new version of the firmware appears for users to download and upgrade almost every two months after each burner is marketed. Because the method of upgrading firmware is simple, so it is not very difficult to be a novice computer.

For the NEC burner, for example, although the series is different, the model is different, but they use the burner movement and control chip is the same, cronies model can be upgraded to a more advanced model is very common. It is a good example of the popular NEC ND-3550A upgraded to nd-4551a as in the previous period. The Pioneer (Pioneer) Burner also uses the same marketing strategy as NEC, and its newest burner model dvr-a11xl/dvr-111, all of which are SuperMulti (full format) models. These two burners support the burning of a new generation of Dvd-ram discs, the only missing feature of the recently popular disc cover recording. Moreover, the absence of bitsetting (modifying disc types) is one of its drawbacks.

However, the pioneer for the Japanese Buffalo company OEM production of DVD Burner has the above two practical functions, so we have to do is to Buffalo Burner firmware program to the pioneer dvr-a11xl/dvr-111 burner. The following author teaches you to pioneer dvr-al1xl/dvr-111 burner "ren du two veins" through, and this only shake to a minute time.


1. Firmware upgrades are limited to the same class model, that is, pioneer DVR-A11XL/DVR 111/dvr 1111 D;

2. Note that the jumper settings for the burner must be master (main device) before upgrading;

3. If the system is installed with virtual CD-ROM program (such as Daemontools, etc.), must stop working;

4. Do not restart or cut off the power supply in the upgrade way;

5. Do not put the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM tray;

6. Try not to run background programs (such as anti-virus software, firewall software);

7. Pioneer DVR-A11XL After the upgrade will lose the mute function;

8. The burner may lose warranty (but we can revert to the normal model by upgrading the firmware, see below).

Upgrade Step

First go to the Web site下载最新版本的8.191NT (built-in version) firmware, run directly within Windows, and then click the Flash button on the operator interface to upgrade (figure). Restart your computer when you are done (in less than a minute).

Performance Test One

After successful upgrade, run Dvdinfo Pro and other optical drive feature detection software, you will find that the DVD burner model is dvr-111l, the firmware version becomes 8.19. Using Nero Burning rom burning software for testing, the LabelFlash (light carving) function has been able to work properly. At the same time, although there are no bitsetting setup items within the burn software, when the DVD+R/DVD+RW disc is burned, it automatically becomes a DVD-ROM format, which greatly improves the compatibility of the older DVD player playing dvd+r format discs.

For the most concerned about the quality of disc burning, the author also briefly made a burning quality test. I found that the burning time is ideal, the quality of the disc is also good, can be seen after the upgrade will not have any impact on the burner.

Restore firmware

If you are in use in the future DVD burner encountered mechanical failure needs to repair, of course, first to restore to the original pioneer burner firmware, in order to get warranty services. Take Pioneer DVR-AL1XL As an example, you can download the latest version of the 1.19 upgrade program on the official website, and then follow the prompts (but note that the 1.19 firmware is upgraded in the Windows XP command-line mode).

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