One of the best practices for Software Quality Assurance: Code Review and Case Review)

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Software Quality is built and determined by the quality of the entire process of software development. The software quality is certainly not tested through testing. Therefore, it is important to prevent Software defects from beginning to end. In addition to defect analysis, another important practice is code review and test case review ).
1. Code Review
There is a good practice in many companies such as IBM and Microsoft, that is, code review-
Code review. This process of code review is not to send the code to one or several people, but to emphasize that the programmer regularly goes on stage and explains the source program activities to others. Because I want to explain it to you
Show Code to other guys,
Programmers will pay great attention to their work progress and code quality. When writing code, they will always think about it-they may be selected at any time for code review,
Therefore, each line of code is taken very seriously. This code review method has other advantages:
You can learn program design ideas, methods, and skills from each other to improve your skills;
You can promptly discover code problems, including code dependency issues;
More people understand the code written by others, and it will become easier to maintain the code in the future.
Therefore, this code review method has been proved to be an effective method.
2. Test Case Review
For code review, perform case review on the test/QA side.
Every QA Engineer has the opportunity to be selected. He/she uses a projector for presentation to explain how he/she designs test cases,
Including understanding of new features of the product, analysis of the test scope, and consideration of factors and user scenario,
What is the idea of case design? What is the test coverage rate? Show the main test cases from start to end, and so on.
Everyone has and must have a chance. This is the key. In case review, the selected QA Engineer must explain how to write test case.
Through such practices and activities, you can discover problems in test case earlier, inspire each other, learn the skills and methods of test case design, and exchange experiences. We also urge everyone to design test cases. There are also many benefits:
Before designing the test case, we will consider a variety of factors and think clearly about the design concept-improving the coverage rate.
Carefully write each test case-Improving the quality of a single case
Early detection of test case problems, including areas of mutual influence.
Mutual Learning
Easier to maintain test case
Code review and test case
Review also contains the idea of "Defect Prevention. To improve the quality, we have to do the right thing for the first time, as krausabi said! If you are a system analyst, architect, designer, or programmer
Some people will do the right thing for the first time, and testers may not need it. There is an example of a software company in India with thousands of people, with only 5-6 real QA staff, but no tester, software production
The quality is still good. Once again, it is verified that "quality is written, not tested ". (Dynasty network

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