One of the comments on foreign real estate search engines

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One of the comments on foreign real estate search engines

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What is the combination of online maps, satellite aerial images, and the real estate industry? Let's take a look at the practices of foreign counterparts. Housingmaps combines a bird's nest chart with local real estate data to show that the effect is very attractive and it is a free service. The company also provides satellite and Bird's Nest maps to individual and commercial users. He is also a property analyst service that has always been unique and mainly serves professionals. Global Chinese real estate portal Soufun is also paying close attention to this field, recently by the rental of second-hand housing Group launched a Soufun assessment. MSN is also trying to provide real estate services. Microsoft's image information is obtained from pictometry, while commercial real estate data is provided by loopnet, which is integrated into Windows Live local. funda. NL is better. This company owns 75% of all Dutch real estate sales data, with PV of 2.6 million every month. 2.6 million is very high for a real estate company in Helan, isn't it? It is estimated that people are not familiar with Alexa. If you want to use Alexa from your website, I can help you with the recommendation. It is said that by the end of this year, there will be more than real estate images on this website. "You can view every inch of land in the Netherlands online" is no exaggeration. How many photos do you need to take a photo of a house? Compared with Google and MSN, Yahoo real estate is somewhat lazy and only provides regular map display when they are actively exploring new real estate services. Does Yahoo real estate surpass Google financial like yahoo financial? Write it here, And suddenly think of Hangzhou-like doodle. Why? This is because street level imagery is being created in great enthusiasm abroad! For example, Google Earth, skyline software, A9's blockview, and terrafly. When comparing the two, there is a question: is the development direction of city map the same as that of doodle modeling or street level imagery? I prefer the latter. For example, when I look at the Beijing satellite map, I click the display plan and add the surrounding text and audio to meet the requirements.


Soufun engine to seize the commanding heights of real estate search

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