One of the CorelDRAW9: embossed patterns

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When I was writing "CorelDRAW9", I never thought that I would write another tutorial on CorelDRAW9, so I pulled out all the things in my belly. When I write this tutorial, I find it really hard to find a little something new.

Friends comfort me, she said: The last tutorial on the use of CorelDRAW9, why this article will not speak a little fusion of knowledge?

So, this tutorial is called: Fusion CorelDRAW9

As with the previous tutorial, here is still an example of the carrier, but here is more attention to the example! And I'm going to try two or more different methods to implement in an instance. Of course, the effect may not be exactly the same, but I just want you to know: there may be more than one way to implement an effect in CorelDRAW9! Also hope that you can make a comparison of various methods, so as to achieve the purpose of integrating knowledge.

Hopefully, you can find what you need here ...

This is the first section of the tutorial, ready to say: "Embossed pattern."

Let's look at the pattern effect first. (Figure 1)

(Figure 1)

First: Draw a rectangle, click "Interactive Fill Tool", select "Material Fill" in "Fill type", and then select a hard stone wall material in "Material Library 8".

We've got the background of the picture, next, we should generate the text "CorelDRAW9".

Next, click on the Text tool, in the screen any one of the mouse clicks, enter the text "CorelDRAW9" (calligraphy text), and then in the Property bar font (due to thicker font strength, more able to reflect the relief feeling, so it is recommended to use bold word), size, location settings, remove text border. This is achieved as shown in Fig. 2.

(Figure 2)

This is the preparatory work for our example. Now, you should branch out and look at two different ways

The first method:

The first step: Keep the selection of the text, select the Copy attribute from command on the Edit menu, the Copy Properties dialog box appears, where you click the Fill Item check box to make sure (the mouse will turn into an soiled arrow), and the rectangle's Fill property is copied to the text by clicking on the rectangular background.

(Figure 3)

Step three: After the previous operation, the text is still in the selection state, still keep this state, "copy" two text (you can directly press the keyboard "+", you can choose the "Edit" menu "copy" command).

Keep One of the three text in the primary color, one for a slightly lighter background blue, one for a slightly heavier background (at this point, the three text overlaps, the three copies can be moved in order to distinguish and select).

Use the "Arrange" menu under the "Arrangement" command, the position of the three-story text arrangements (will be the primary color of the text on the top, the rest of the lay down), the three-layer text to adjust to the appropriate position (a little dislocation, not completely coincident).

At this point, the instance "Emboss" is complete, as shown in Figure 4.

(Figure 4)

Now, we do it in another way ...

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