One step Learning Unity3d Learning notes 1.3 League of Legends server cluster architecture conjecture

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When it comes to online games that is related to the server, the most fire of the League of Heroes, I am also its fans, every week will be a roll, all said small, easy to love, big masturbate to the health, strong, and also warn colleagues, pay attention to the body, then his server architecture is what it, to share with you,

What is the specific structure, because there is no source code, and do not know how, can only be based on some of the current experience, as well as the experience of the time to guess out. and the actual deviation, we do not spray here just to share, and the actual should also be a little difference.

League of Legends Server is actually a single service, a few of the following clusters, a user server, the user server is actually QQ user server QQ User is also a server cluster composition

Client login When the first connection is a user server cluster, login successfully connected to the region server selection interface, but also connected to the chat server, that is, the chat server and the large area server is separate, because there is no source, these may be guessing, Use reasonable guesswork to emulate the architecture of a League of Legends server architecture.

The region server contains a series of combat servers, the region server also serves as a player match, player combat status, and so on a series of functions, a player in a battle may be in a different station no server, this machine is the same fight, the same group, some shunliu some lag, is because some teammates are assigned to an overloaded combat server,

Large area servers provide results data storage, matching calculations, user feedback, combat server is only responsible for temporary data storage, forwarding, chat server only for chat.

This is probably one of the League of Legends. Server Architecture (conjecture)

Learn a little every day.

Note: Study notes are for reference only, if there is a similarity then no way,

One step Learning Unity3d Learning notes 1.3 League of Legends server cluster architecture conjecture

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