One Surface Pro 3 after-sale warranty black March rights (HSD)

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3.2 Surface Pro 3 (i5 128G) Failure specific failure: After boot keyboard light can be lit but the screen does not light the chassis heating instructions in the run multiple attempts (Baidu all over the Internet) have not been able to handle

3.2 Contact with customer service under the guidance of customer service including the constant press power key 15s above and double bond operation also failed to wake the screen

Customer service suggestions are as follows (1) Place 1-2 days until the battery is empty and connect the power cord fully charged again to try again

(2) Microsoft official website Download the corresponding model of the recovery image USB Recovery System

(3) Return factory warranty

3.3 Put more than 24 hours retry failed to wake up (my data AH)

Download the image of the website many times failed (pit AH) himself downloaded the same model of the same old version of the image decompression package according to the official website to extract to the USB stick operation can not be successful is the screen broken?

is the screen broken?

Check the warranty period now

(tears) has expired.

But is Microsoft's warranty not two years? Why is my only one year? (PS: Bo Master is no invoice and can not get away from home to study abroad)

On-line query maintenance costs 3600 ocean (before tax) I want to die a feeling of love!!!

At the same time, after suspecting that the screen was broken, I bought a MINIDP on a treasure. To HDMI adapter want to try the external screen try

3.4 Continue to call Customer service (playing Microsoft customer service do not play for ever, I am on the official website, such as)

Then Microsoft will call you back within 5-10 minutes.

This is a phone call from a sister. I quoted the previous service code as stressing that I was confused about my warranty period and that computer data loss had a big impact on my work and I didn't have an invoice.

I was relieved by her reply (she said that the application for the revised warranty will be completed in two to three working days. She said it would be a mistake for Microsoft to postpone success.)

And then I asked something, can I fix it? What if we don't fix it properly? She replied that she would try to repair if it is not good to replace the machine to replace the machine with the minimum to be the same as my existing machine configuration may also be Pro4 ...

Surprised!! Don't tease me!!!


Today received the order before the power cord (Microsoft recalled the re-issued although my power cord is not faulty, but still received a meeting of the FedEx small brother)

The warranty period has not been extended .....

One Surface Pro 3 after-sale warranty black March rights (HSD)

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