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In your QQ, there should be some people who, like the author, are invisible but do not reject normal work negotiations. What can be done to "wake up" him? In the traditional way? Backward ~! Recently, I found that as long as I use lumaqq, a new tool, I can see the whereabouts of my stealth friends. Do I want to know who is hiding below? Let me find them together with the author!

First, we need to know what lumaqq is. It is an independently created javaqq client with a Java core and a SWT-based QQ interface (the imitation can be really thorough, the new version is hard to tell.) The basic method of use is similar to QQ, but it has no advertisement, no ttbrowser, no TM, but no skin replacement function. It is a simplified version of QQ, but it does not support network hard disks, interactive spaces, and other tag functions,

Although lumaqq is now in version 0.2, it supports friend grouping, group chat, stranger and blacklist, and the popular "recent contact" function. Isn't it enough? Good! Lumaqq also adds some new functions of its own, namely, IP address query and "stealth friend online query.

Download and login

Extract (22.7 MB), decompress it to any file directory (here I am D: \ lumaqq.pdf, download it and download a new concealed file package: "(1.8 MB ), decompress the package and you will find two jar files. Put these two files in the Lib folder under lumaqq, and overwrite the original two files to complete the upgrade.

Next, we can double-click lumaqq. bat has logged on to QQ. In the pop-up input box, enter the QQ number and password, and press login. Here I found that lumaqq is not set as a proxy before QQ login, however, after logging in, you can click "lumaqq" at the bottom of the software to set the proxy server, then lumaqq will automatically call the agent upon next login, and you do not need to set it again.

Online query of stealth friends

Even if your friend is invisible, you can see that he is not actually offline! This is a special feature of lumaqq. How can we use it? First, click "lumaqq" and select "friend Information Management "? The following page is displayed:

In this interface, select a blank box in front of a friend, and then click "send" (that is, the function button to detect whether the friend is online). The software will automatically detect the real status of the friend, many "stealth people" are released. It is worth noting that if some friends remain in the "sending" status for a long time, they are definitely not online. Finally, the software won't send any more moves to these friends.

At this time, you have a bunch of green-colored netizens on QQ. They are all stealth people. I don't need to teach you the next thing?

This lumaqq function allows us to easily know which user is online and which user is invisible, and the success rate is very high, and this operation will not be discovered by friends on QQ, in addition, if you think it is difficult to check a bunch of people online, you can also right-click and choose "" from the context menu ", the software will send a single trick to him/her to check whether the friend is offline.

IP address query tool

Finally, I will introduce the IP address query tool in lumaqq ,:

This tool is useful when you enter an IP address, you can find the actual location of the IP address, and enter a place name such as "Guangzhou ", you can find the IP addresses of schools and enterprises in Guangzhou.

I would like to remind you that, except for a person who is used to stealth, most people need to be invisible. I hope all readers will make good use of this software. Don't use it to force others to hide the shadows. The water can carry the boat and ride the boat! [Thanks to enthusiastic netizens for providing sugar water materials]

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