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This online article management system is an article Management Computer Design Based on Java technology and the MVC Architecture developed by sqlserver database. The system is used to manage the article information of the company department.
This article manages system software, including two types of user permissions: administrator user permissions and employee user permissions. It is a typical background management system with powerful system functions. The main functions of the system are as follows:
System Administrator:
(1) Department Information Management: The system can manage the Department information of an enterprise and add, delete, modify, and query departments.
(2) employee information management: the system can manage the basic information of enterprise employees online and add, delete, modify, and query employee information.
(3) classification information management: the system can manage the classification information of articles, including various types of article information.
(4) Article review management: the document information submitted by employees can be reviewed online, and approved articles can be managed and published.
(1) Personal Data Management: employees can manage basic personal information, including modifying personal data.
(2) Article management: This module can manage the article information entered by employees and delete and view the article information online.
(3) Recycle Bin management: This module is mainly used to reply to deleted Articles and completely delete an article.

Statement: The above is just a model, need to be detailed or discuss can consult QQ: 97095639 or login

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