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Another "online source Editor", based on JavaScript, is short and precise, real-time onlineCodeHighlight: He is not a subsidiary of a rich text editor. He is the base library of many well-known online code editors.


The online less compiler and markdown editor on this site are developed using this component.

It can be seen that the author of codemirror is a very yearning for freedom. But his codemirror is definitely not simple. Let's take a look at the following list:

    • Google Earth kml Sampler
    • Eloquent JavaScript's console
    • The qooxdoo Playground
    • A cool tutorial about the element
    • An online IDE for the orc Programming Language
    • Google's API Playground
    • Rapha opencl live
    • JS Bin
    • The rokpad plugin for joomla
    • The scraperwiki Editor
    • Jslinb UI Builder

These online code editors are based on codemirror. Are you surprised that they contain your familiar JS library.

Codemirror itself is clearly positioned, short and concise, but the code quality is very high. In the Google group, people are enthusiastic about using codemirror for various transformations, we can see the welcome to him. Demo demos in different languages are as follows:

    • Javascript
    • XML/html
    • CSS
    • SPARQL
    • HTML mixed-mode
    • HTML + PhP mixed-mode (courtesy
      Yahoo !)
    • Python (
      Timothy Farrell)
    • Lua (
      Franciszek wawrzak)
    • Ruby (by Michal hantl, unfinished)
    • SQL (by John benediktsson)
    • PLSQL (
      Peter raganitsch)
    • Diff (courtesy
      Liran nuna)
    • Groovy (
      Exo platform)
    • C # (
      Boris gaber and Christopher buchino)
    • Ometajs (
      Eric kedji)
    • Scheme (
      Danny Yoo)

If you have a project that requires online code editing, what are you waiting? Codemirror is definitely your best choice.

To respect the author's yearning for freedom, read the following license carefully before using it and strictly respect the author's statement:


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