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This is a story: "The engineer built a tunnel at one end of the tunnel that was beautiful, and many people would drive through the tunnel. Although there are lights in the tunnel, the designer is worried that the tunnel will stop, so there is a sign at the entrance of the tunnel, Remind the pilot to turn on the light before entering the tunnel. But it made the pilots forget about the lights when they saw the beautiful scenery.

Draw the understanding of Ooa, Ood,oop;
The analyst gets the government, the people, the organization, community and other needs, this refers to all from the customer's needs, to understand the requirements, analysis of requirements, analysis of technical implementation, come to a conclusion: to build a tunnel here; so the analyst, the system analyst, the architecture designer came up, and the job they did was to analyze a plan, That is, the project needs, their identity is OOA.
OOA is object-oriented analysis (object oriented)

Analysts analyzed the results, forming the earliest demand model; may be a sketch, a feasibility analysis XX report; designers get the model to refine, modularize, define all the details, that is, detail, or detailed requirements analysis specifications, where there may be tunnel location, length, width, Height, capacity, light, materials, equipment, electronic eye, safety, etc., here is the specific requirements of the document. Designers have finished their design work, they are ood.
Ood is Object oriented design (object-oriented)

OOP is the construction team, they are in accordance with the requirements of the design drawings to complete the tunnel project, including quality, capacity, safety and other testing, that is, the actual operation of the project to complete the project is coding work and testing work. So far, the tunnel is complete, the pilot can also be said to be a member of the testing, they experience, experience, no problem, the work of OOP is over, we can call it a wrap.
OOP is Object oriented programming (program design of Face object)

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