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Two pieces of news recently translated and published on the infoq Chinese site are related to openness. One is GitHub's open-source janky, this is a good thing for many continuous integration teams. Another article is LinkedIn's open-source indextank, an index engine.

In fact, in the IT industry, more and more companies prefer to open-source their own products, so as to obtain more users and more feedback, and further improve and revise them, at the same time, it may also attract more developers to participate in product construction. Eclipse is the most well-known open-source product. We saw its powerful vitality in the past 10 years.

In fact, opening up is a good thing, because we can present a transaction to everyone to judge and participate in. "Three stinks have competed with Zhuge Liang." After many people participate, we will make better progress.

Software products need to be open, and some ideas and opinions are the same. We need an open mind (that is, open, which is often mentioned by outsiders, and open by keep ).

The policy of shutting down the country in the Qing Dynasty cannot but be said to be one of the reasons that led to that tragic history. The current prosperity of China began with the reform and opening up in 1979.

All countries can be open, and we can also be open, so that we can be more open, learn more people's experience and knowledge to enrich ourselves, and make ourselves better develop and grow.

However, it seems that the concept of traditional China is limited orProgramThe inner traits of the member group are determined.CommunityDuring the activity, friends who are really open and willing to participate are not enough. But fortunately, I see more and more friends who are willing to develop their own ideas and open their own ideas, because they have gained some things in the process of opening up, not just knowledge, it is not just experience, but also confidence and friendship. I believe that if we can maintain an open mind, more and more things will be gained.

After opening up, you can broaden your horizons. In fact, you are the same. When I was in elementary school, my horizons were limited to the small town, and I went to high school, his vision expanded to the county seat, and went out of his hometown, and expanded to other cities. With the popularization of the Internet, we can open ourselves online and communicate with more people, so as to extend our horizons to the whole country and even the whole world. With the widening of our horizons and horizons, our views on things and things are changing, so we have higher requirements and goals for ourselves, and a virtuous circle begins.

So what we need to do is to make ourselves more open in various ways ,:)

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