Open-source 3D is the first test of strategic game glest.

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This is a well-known 3D game in mainstream groups. It is rare and valuable. It supports win/Linux. So, if you are a Linux player, thank you!
Official Address download:
The game background, settings, and source code are also there.
1. There is no culture in the game. I can solve this problem if I have time to work :)
2. The game requires support from opengl1.3 and later versions .. Therefore, make sure that your video card supports OpenGL and installs the latest driver, just like me.
It started with two camps, tech and magic ). According to the official discussion group's vote, tech seems to be more powerful, but if vs CPU, I can use the magic camp rush tech camp. Below are some:

Match magic and technology:

The last line of defense is about to be broken:

Even control the magic camp, the summoner calls the baby army. The baby here is a ghost swordsman. It's amazing to cut people. As for the summoner... They generally do not like to do it yourself. :):

Tech towns are very peaceful,... :

Even the war machine that controls the tech camp (the one with an ax in one hand:

Occasionally, tech's Archer and stone captors are under attack:

The bombing of the glider and the airships:

Even tech mechanized troops intrusion:

The civil war in the magic camp, many monsters, ^ _ ^:

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