Open-source: implements a Calendar management control XgCalendar in the Google Calendar style.

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Update: an error occurs during the Update process. As a result, the default topic drag and drop operation is unavailable .. Fixed. Please download it again from those who downloaded it before, September 24.

UPDATE: updates the time zone in the DEMO and several other minor issues. You can obtain the latest DEMO code from SVN. 2009-11-30

UPDATE: updated the cache Processing Edge issue

UPDATE: changing data access to Subsonic is actually easier and more efficient than EF.

Modifying several bugs in js is mainly about time edge processing. Tips for modifying title, etc.

Added zip to download the latest source code and demo, and you can also obtain it through SVN.


1: in order to avoid the view being messy because too many people add a calendar, the demo address is added to get the calendar based on the IP address as the account, that is, you can only see the calendar added by your IP address.

2: The Code download contains two zip packages, one of which is the demo Code. The Code of a control must be downloaded separately. The code of the control in the demo is compressed.

3: hosts file ).

4: the open-source JavaScript control is used. The Demo is used only for explanation, and its code page can be downloaded ..

5: for SQL 2005, note that the DEMO needs to modify ProviderManifestToken = "2008" in the EDMX file to ProviderManifestToken = "2005 ".

JQuery-based Calendar controls. For more information about the operation methods and styles, see Google Calendar

In the Demo, the server side uses ms asp. net mvc V1. In fact, it can be replaced with any other server side technology (including PHP, ASP, JSP)

Originally, the project name in Google Code must be unique. Therefore, add a prefix, X = xuanye G = Google Calendar Like.

Function list

1: three view types are supported (daily, monthly, and weekly)


Weekly View

Daily View:

Monthly View

2: The start date of a week can be defined.

3: supports refreshing data acquisition and updating data

4: supports sliding to select a time range to add a calendar (including single day and Cross Day)

Add a calendar for a single day

Add calendar for multiple days

5. Quick deletion is supported.

6: You can drag to change the calendar start and end times.

7: supports dragging to change the calendar size of a single day to the end time of the calendar (Resize)

8: Permission control is supported (the entire view can be set to read-only, or a single calendar is read-only) not demonstrated in demo

9: supports multiple calendar topics

10: Excellent Performance

11: supports multiple mainstream browsers, including IE6 +, FireFox3.5 +, Opera 10 +, and Chrome 3 +.


Code is hosted on google code

Code address: (including JS Code and Demo code)


The document has not been written yet. You can check the demo first.

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