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For VMware, Virtual PC software, it may be familiar to everyone. VirtualBox is a German software company Innotek developed virtual system software, it is not only rich features, but also excellent performance. More open source, and became a release under the GPL licensed free software. VirtualBox can be run on Linux and Windows hosts, and it supports installing Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista), Dos/windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6) , OpenBSD and other series of customer operating systems. If you have ever used the experience of virtual machine software, believe that using VirtualBox is a cinch. Even if you are a novice, it doesn't matter. VirtualBox provides detailed documentation to help you get started in the short term.
Updated to version 1.5.2 on October 18. This is just a bug revision that addresses issues in the graphical user interface, BIOS, VGA, VMM, Network, and VRDP. In addition, VirtualBox 1.5.2 also includes a few improvements, such as improved keyboard handling on Linux hosts, NLS, compatibility with Linux KVM, MAC address processing, additional ACPI shutdown options in the VM Shutdown dialog box, and support for other RDP clients, Linu X add-on supports Server 1.4, and so on.

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The following is a complete update record for reference from VirtualBox 1.5.2 for your information:

-Windows Installer:fixed installation on Windows \ Hosts
-Windows Installer:proper warning when installing a 32-bit VirtualBox version on 64-bit Windows and vice versa
-Linux installer:no longer require license acceptance during, install at the the the-the-A-GUI startup (instead addresses issues H Hanging installer on Debian based distributions)
-Gui:added User Registration Dialog
-Gui:fixed crashes on 64-bit Linux hosts
-Gui:several fixes and improvements to seamless mode
-gui:fixed DirectDraw mode with certain video cards (e.g. Intel i915)
-Gui:fixed incorrect guest resolution after leaving Fullscreen mode
-gui:improved keyboard handling on Linux host
-Gui:show fatal VM aborts (aka "Guru Meditation")
-Gui:fixed crashes due to a display update race condition on some systems
-gui:added ACPI shutdown option to the VM Close dialog
-GUI:NLS Improvements
-Bios:fixed Floppy Boot Menu
-Bios:expose The VM UUID in the Dmi/smbios area
-Vga:fixed CGA Video modes
-Vga:fixed 8-bit DAC handling (Solaris Setup)
-vmm:fixed issue with Vt-x on Windows 64-bit hosts
-vmm:improved compatibility with Linux KVM
-Vmm:fixed issues with Fedora 8 guests
-Vmm:fixed fatal errors while installing Windows guests when using amd-v
-vmm:fixed sporadic hangs when minimizing VM window and using Vt-x/amd-v
-vmm:fixed high load the KSOFTIRQ on tickless Linux hosts
-Vmm:fixed Windows guests hangs related to IRQ sharing
-Vmm:fixed sporadic errors during OpenSUSE 10.3 installation
-vmm:fixed issue with Linux 2.6.23 guests
-vmm:fixed issues with Solaris guests
-vmm:fixed stability issue related to incorrect relocations
-Serial:significantly Reduced CPU utilization
-network:fixed issues with FreeBSD guests
-network:added MII Support (100MBit detection fix)
-Network:improved MAC Address handling
-network:added PXE Release logging
-Ide:large reads from CD could exceed the I/O buffer size
-Audio:load ALSA dynamically on Linux (i.e. don't fail when ALSA are not present)
-Vrdp:support Additional RDP clients (Sunray, Winconnect, Mac OS X)
-Vrdp:fixed issues when client color depth is higher than server color depth
-Vrdp:make PAM Authentication Service name Configurable
-vrdp:increased stack size to deal with stack consuming PAM library calls
-Additions:various fixes and enhancements to clipboard handling
-Windows additions:fixed issues with additions on NT 4 guests
-Windows additions:added support for 8-bit video modes
-Windows Additions:allow specifying custom resolutions for secondary screens
-Windows additions:several fixes and improvements for DirectDraw
-Windows Additions:improved the mouse filter driver compatibility with other mouse drivers
-Linux additions:several fixes and enhancements to Shared Folders
-Linux additions:added support for Server 1.4
-Shared folders:fixed MS Powerpoint access issues (Linux host)
-Api:fixed Rpc_e_changed_mode startup error on Windows hosts<
-api:fixed SMP race condition on Linux hosts
-Api:fixed stability issues on Windows hosts at low memory conditions

-Download VirtualBox 1.5.2

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