Open the three secrets of the Revolution (the eighth story of Programmer)

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Open the door to the revolution

For the onlookers, nothing is more enjoyable than watching a revolution. However, for those involved, the revolution is a cruel process of transformation that is full of fear and helplessness. The vested interests that have been fascinated by the past have been overturned to the ground, and the new profit-loving temple has been delivered bitterly. What kind of stimulation is that! In some fields, such stimulation is too little, too slow, and people are still not smart. They have repeated stupidity for thousands of years. However, in some fields, such stimulation is too fast and intensive, making people feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

It is such a field with frequent revolutions. Over the past 15 years, the desktop has fallen, the Internet has risen, the CORBA has fallen, the J2EE has risen, and the COM has fallen ,. the rise of net has led us to see and have experienced a lot of ups and downs and treasure. However, compared with the coming revolution, these may not be much. It is now clear that a new wave of IT revolution will change our work and lifestyle in an unprecedented depth and breadth. Didn't Bill Gates repeatedly say "the IT age of mankind has just begun? Do you really think that the richest man is doing endorsement ads?

As a technical media person, I have never figured out whether I am a bystander or a participant, whether I am a technical person or a media person. Therefore, in the face of this new technological revolution, my mentality is complicated. On the one hand, I felt the pulse of the industry and saw the projection of history that was about to happen. I was very excited, and I was even excited, as his father said in the crosstalk: "Well, you can catch up with this! ". On the other hand, I am confused and worried. What will happen to me, what will happen to us, and what will happen to people we know or care about? These are unknown. However, whatever the case, I know that nothing is more important and meaningful than what we see, hear, and think, tell everyone what may happen and let people take action. This is not only what the technical media should do, but also our only value.

Starting from this issue, we will continuously and tirelessly express our thoughts on the new IT revolution through the special planning topic. This new revolution is a technological and ideological revolution aimed at agility and using SOA and Web 2.0 as the means. It will last for several years, we have thoroughly transformed our IT infrastructure and construction methods, transformed the relationship between humans and it, and established a new enterprise and social structure with it as a nervous system and flexible response. In this new structure, people have recovered their dominant position, while it has increased their importance by recognizing their dominant position. We hope to portray the promise of this revolution and awaken the neighborhood of a comfortable life and free cola in the city, igniting the young and eager blood out of the city. New History of it will be created by these people.

Agility is one of the main themes of this revolution. The concept we are familiar with because of "Agile development" is far beyond the meaning and value of software development. In this period, we will try to reveal the three layers of agility. This is just the beginning. In enterprise computing, SOA and Web 2.0 are the means to achieve agility. We will intensively present all aspects of these three themes to readers. We hope to convince you that this is a revolution, and let you know what it is. Of course, you can choose your own attitude towards the revolution, or stand opposite to it to resist it, or stand by and laugh at it, or join in to push it. But at least we can't turn a blind eye to the revolution.

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