Opencl and renderscript Summary

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Opencl should be developed on Android, and libopencl should be available on mobile phones. so file (that is, the opencl driver); but this file is rarely available on Android mobile phones. The reason is that although AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Apple support opencl, Google does not seem to support opencl; on the Mobile End, Google has renderscript (rendering script, which is also an API based on the idea of Heterogeneous Computing. It has the advantage of good cross-platform performance and is suitable for various Android operating systems, but the performance is slightly worse than opencl). Google is more likely to promote its own API. Therefore, most Android phones support renderscript, but few support opencl. (There is an opencl info applet on the Internet to determine whether the mobile phone supports opencl ).

I found a libopencl from the Internet. the so library is the driver supported by the adreno3 GPU produced by Qualcomm (but this driver is not integrated into the mobile phone system). It uses a small example of Vector Addition for practice, however, on a real machine (my mobile phone is the GPU of imagination technologies, the mobile phone does not have an opencl driver, and I copied the driver to the mobile phone) and the android simulator did not succeed, I think the problem should be caused by the driver. It is impossible to use the driver indiscriminately.

Here we have collected some information:

1. About opencl:

A small example of opencl under Qualcomm:;

Android mobile GPU opencl Summary:;

Mali GPU support for opencl:

Qualcomm's GPU has a backdoor to opencl:

Books: opencl programming guide;

Heterogeneous Computing with opencl;

Opencl in action;

And Baidu encyclopedia's mobile phone model and Encyclopedia GPU model.

2. About renderscript:

There are few materials; the most important reference is the official API: Workshop.

Http:// (API)

The Google academic search renderscript has a related paper introduction; the specific paper name does not remember ..

Opencl and renderscript Summary

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