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Openfea is by the research and development personnel on the basis of open source technology, with many years of painstaking work to conquer big data technology challenges, and launched a pure national brand of Big data analysis system. After years of rapid development, OPENFEA has taken root in a number of areas, germination, specializing in the processing of massive data sets, to provide customers with big data interaction analysis and visual Analysis Services, especially in performance, functionality, openness and scalability are outstanding, by the user's appreciation.

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Feature one, fast real-time analysis

Openfea Titanic But the reaction and processing speed is very sensitive, is a can fly up the elephant!

Characteristic two, bidirectional whole process Analysis system

The entire process of big data analysis can be derived not only by the value of data mining, but also by visualizing it, and by visualizing the results in reverse.

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Feature three, agile analysis, is quick

Ability to respond quickly to changes, adapt to analytical strategies and adjust methods

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Features four, high openness, 4UDx inclusive

supports custom data sources, model algorithms, graphic styles, and navigation , Unlimited Expansion Openfea the Function!

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Features five, multiple flexible deployment methods

Deployment is flexible and easy to expand, large and small data full coverage

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Openfea Product Features

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